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Rottnest Island


The following a list of valuable publications available to teachers that will assist as pre-excursion information.

These publications can be ordered at a minimal cost by completing a Purchasing Request Form and returning to our office or faxing it to 9432 9301.
Use them as you wish to plan your activities whilst on the Island.

Rottnest Island – It’s our heritage

Rottnest Island - It's our heritage

RRP $5.95   
Rottnest Island allows a number of layers of Western Australian history to be appreciated in the one area, including colonial, Aboriginal, maritime, military, recreational and social heritage.

This publication is intended to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the significant historic value of the Island from first discovery by Dutch navigators to current day.

Rottnest Island – A guide to Aboriginal history on Wadjemup

A guide to Aboriginal history on WadjemupRRP $5.95  

Rottnest Island is referred to as Wadjemup by traditional Aboriginal people from the Noongar language group. As custodians of the land the Whadjuk people have strong spiritual connections to Wadjemup and it remains significant to the Aboriginal community today.

This publication aims to tell the ‘untold’ story of many Aboriginal men and boys imprisoned on the Island during the 93 years it operated as

a prison, while acknowledging the traditional and contemporary connection Aboriginal people have with Wadjemup. It is also a major step toward reconciliation for the Island.

Rottnest Island – A guide to the colonial buildings of the Thomson Bay settlement

RRP $5.95   
This publication provides a description of the history of the buildings of the Thomson Bay settlement on Rottnest Island and their architecture.

All constructed in the 19th century and primarily of limestone, with the exception of some minor 20th century brick or timber-framed additions, the buildings – most of which are still standing today - provide visitors a step back in time to discover elements of the island’s history and industry.  This publication explains what each of the building’s purpose was and what they are now used for.

A Birds Eye View of Rottnest Island

A-Birds'-Eye-ViewRRP $5.95   
Rottnest Island provides an idyllic escape from the hectic routine of life on the mainland – and not just for humans. A combination of distinct habitats, lack of predators and minimal human development has enabled many species of birds, mammals, insects and reptiles to prosper on the Island. Birds in particular, have benefited greatly from this isolation.

This publication, written in partnership with Birds Australia, describes the main habitats on Rottnest Island – including the coast, salt lakes, heath, woodlands and settlement - and introduces 54 bird species which live on or regularly visit the Island.

Rottnest Island – Terrestrial Paradise


RRP $5.95   
The Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh described Rottnest Island as a ‘terrestrial paradise’ when he visited it in 1696. He described an island covered in dense woodland with rich wildlife. Since then, human impact has drastically altered the natural features of the terrestrial environment.

This publication explores the Island’s weather conditions, geographical history, vegetation, flora and fauna including an overview of its mammals, reptiles and bird species. The provisions of water, power and waste management are also discussed.

Find following a list of website links that may assist you in running self guided activities on the Island or pre and post excursion activities.