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Rottnest Island


Want to do it all yourself? Well you can and have a little help along the way with curriculum-linked self guided activity kits for hire.

Self guided activity kits are available for hire at a daily hire rate and are complete with all the equipment and information needed for the leader to conduct the activities themselves.  Included in each kit is background information, a running sheet and all the equipment required to lead the activity. 

Adventure Challenge Cycle

Bike EducationParticipants work in small groups to complete an Amazing Race style activity. Groups must work together to solve clues that lead them to a destination where they will need to complete challenge activities. The clues and challenges are designed to promote teamwork and test a range of different skills. The activity takes participants to a number of iconic locations across Rottnest Island. Meeting location: The Settlement.

For teachers: 90 mins. Years 5-12. Up to 30 students.

Curriculum links:  H&P, S&E

Adventure Challenge Foot Race

Provide the opportunity for participants to build positive relationships with their peers by working as part of a small team while developing their awareness of Rottnest Island’s environment and history. In this quiz based activity teams will need to explore the Settlement area using signage and their own knowledge to provide informed answers to the questions provided.

For teachers: 50 mins. Years 6-12. Runs effectively with 10-30 people.

Curriculum links:        HPE, S&E

Beach Clean Up 

Do your part for Rottnest Island by doing some community service. By participating in a beach clean up you are helping us collect information about the type of debris which washes up or is left on our beaches. This information is then reported to a national registry as part of the Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society. Activity equipment and safety guidelines included.

For teachers: For as long as you like and suitable for any age and any size group.

Curriculum links:        Science, S&E, Maths, Sustainability

 Bike Education 

Learn the knowledge and skills to safely and successfully ride a bicycle. Aspects covered include preparation for getting themselves and a bicycle ready to go for a ride as well as the knowledge of how to cycle safely and follow the road rules. Participants also get a chance to put into practice what they’ve just learnt by participating in skill. Meeting location: Kingstown.

For teachers:               50 mins. Years 3-7.  Runs effectively with 10-30 people

Curriculum links:        H&P

 Beach Combing

Discover ocean treasures which may have washed up on the beaches of Rottnest. Develop knowledge of coastal and marine ecosystems and the special features of the organisms in this discovery activity.

For teachers:             50 mins. Years 3-12.  Runs effectively with 10-30 people

Curriculum links:        Science, SP, S&E  

 Compass Challenge

Using grid reference, map orientation, compass bearing and pacing, teams wll need to answer as many questions as they can as they navigate themselves around a set course. This is a team building exercise which encourages participants to work together as a group and learn more about Rottnest Island. 

For teachers:    120 mins. Years 7-12.  Runs effectively with 10-30 people

Curriculum links:        H&PE

 Fauna of Rottnest Island

TEducation Activitiesake part in an investigation to record the fauna of Rottnest Island. Participants will get to observe, identify and record any fauna they come across in a transect between the beach and
an inland body of water. Using their findings participants will get to make accurate conclusions about fauna behaviour. Meeting location: Kingstown OR the Settlement.

 For teachers:      50 mins. Years 3-10.  Runs effectively with 10-30 people

Curriculum links:        S&E, Science


Learn navigation and map reading skills and use this knowledge to help complete an orienteering challenge.  By working in small groups, leadership skills and team work are essential for success.

For teachers:      50 mins. Years 6-10.  Runs effectively with 10-30 people

Curriculum links:        H&PE, Maths


Useful websites to assist in self guided activities on Rottnest – Rottnest Island Authority has established two walking trails on the smartphone application, These include:

  • Colonial Buildings of Thomson Bay with an informative history of the Aboriginal history and colonial buildings of the settlement area on a 4.5km walk.
  • Experience Rottnest Island that identifies a number of ‘things to see and do’ on this amazing Island that is only a short distance from Perth and Fremantle cities. – Rottnest Island Authority has established a number of geocaches within the Rottnest Island reserve that complement the suite of existing finds placed by other caching enthusiasts. Rottnest Islander caches are informative and provide a further insight into the Island’s environmental and historical attributes. Download the application on your smart phone or log into and view on line.