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Rottnest Island

Museums and galleries

Rottnest Island Museum

Housed in the original old mill and haystore, it was built by Aboriginal prisoners in 1857. The museum provides fascinating insights and comprehensive information about the Island including history, marine wrecks, European settlement, Aboriginal prisoners, communication and recreations.

Salt Store Gallery and Exhibition Centre

Located in the centre of the Thomson Bay Settlement, the Salt Store is one of the oldest buildings on Rottnest Island.

Constructed by Aboriginal prisoners in 1868, the Salt Store was originally used to hold the bagged salt collected from two of Rottnest Island's salt lakes, ready for transportation to Fremantle.

In 1997 the limestone building was restored but still retains many of its original features.

Today, this relaxed and unconventional venue is primarily used as a gallery space and hosts a variety of interpretive displays and unique art and photography exhibitions. 

The Salt Store is available to hire for individuals and groups. If you are interested in hiring the Salt Store for your next exhibition, please contact the Product Development Officer.

Phone: +61 8 9372 9781 

Lomas Cottage

Located on the Heritage Common, this cottage was originally built for John Lomas, an ex-convict and later ‘Imperial Pauper’ for whom the Government provided housing and provisions.

Over the years the cottage has served many different purposes. In 1997 it was restored to its original form and now serves as an exhibition space. The cottage provides interpretive information on the intriguing life of John Lomas and houses The Angelo Collection.

The 15 photographs which comprise the Angelo Collection represent some of the most significant portraits of life on Rottnest Island in the 19th Century.

The collection contains photographs of male Aboriginal prisoners engaged in a variety of activities on Rottnest Island and are perhaps the most significant and poignant photographs of their type.

Lomas Cottage is open daily from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

Boat Shed

Pilot Boathouse 

A striking display of Rottnest's maritime history, featuring a replica pilot boat and historic photographs. Located in the seawall east of the Visitor Centre. Free entry. Open 2pm - 3.30pm daily. 

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