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Rottnest Island

Volunteering on Rottnest Island

Volunteers on Rottnest Island undertake a wide variety of tasks including beach clean ups, dune rehabilitation, seed collection, tree planting, weeding, fauna monitoring, maintenance and construction works and the provision of interpretive tours.

The Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) thanks the many individuals who, in collaboration with a large number of independent volunteer organisations, contribute over 35 000 volunteer hours annually to preserving the natural, cultural and recreational values of the Island.

Due to the significant extent of volunteer contribution, the RIA has a full time Volunteer Coordinator based within its Community Engagement unit. This position enables the RIA to undertake a coordinated approach to all volunteer activities occurring on Rottnest.

The Rottnest Island Authority appreciates the interest of groups including schools, clubs and corporate groups who wish to contribute their time to volunteering on Rottnest. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accommodate such requests outside of our established volunteer program. Please see below for the opportunities that exist with the Rottnest Island Authority and independent groups for volunteering on the island.  

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