Annual Admission Renewals 

An invitation to renew your vessel’s Rottnest Annual Admission application for the 2018/2019 will be posted to you by early August. For your application to continue next season your completed renewal needs to be received before 31 August 2018.

Once you have submitted and paid for this season’s renewal, you may continue to use last season’s sticker until your new sticker arrives. Also note that lost and damaged stickers will incur a $22.50 administration fee for replacement.

TO RENEW your Annual Admission, return your:
  • REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE – a current copy showing vessels length and your name as an owner. You’ll need to provide this for each vessel if the expiry date shown on the enclosed summary has expired. If you have purchased a new vessel, attach a full copy confirming new vessel length and your name as an owner.
  • INSURANCE DOCUMENTS – a current copy confirming adequate cover and the date of expiry. The current regulated adequate insurance for all vessels entering Rottnest Reserve: for vessels 6.4m and greater is $10 million third party legal liability, and for vessels less than 6.4m $5 million third party.
  • UPDATES to your personal details on the enclosed summary, as applicable.
Paying admission fees allows you to anchor in the appropriate areas, or pre-book public rental facilities in Geordie, Longreach and Thomson Bays. Please note that paying admission fees only does not allow you use of any private moorings or the SMS colour coded casual access. Rental moorings can be booked by calling Rottnest Reservations on 9432 9111.

Should you not return your renewal documentation by the due date, your current sticker will expire and your record will automatically be cancelled. You may reapply as a new applicant later, however please allow up to 10 business days for the processing of any new application. 

Alternatively daily admission fees can be paid online or on arrival at the Visitor Centre on arrival ($18.50 per adult or $24.50 extended stay).