DCV permit holders

An invitation to renew the Rottnest domestic commercial vessel permit is posted early August for your completion.

All Rottnest permit and non-permit holders of domestic commercial vessels must register each visit with the RIA phone log-on system prior entering the Rottnest Reserve.  All commercial vessels must log-on by phone whether as a charter or a private visit. Details are here.

TO RENEW the permit, return the:

  • REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE – a current copy showing vessels length and your name as an owner. You’ll need to provide this for each vessel if the expiry date shown on the enclosed summary has expired. If you have purchased a new vessel, attach a full copy confirming new vessel length and your name as an owner.
  • INSURANCE DOCUMENTS – a current copy confirming adequate cover and the date of expiry. The current regulated adequate insurance for all vessels entering Rottnest Reserve: for vessels 6.4m and greater is $10 million third party legal liability, and for vessels less than 6.4m $5 million third party.
  • UPDATES to your details on the enclosed summary, as applicable.

Further details regarding the admission fees applicable to each trip based on your activity type can be found here

For commercial vessels without a DCV permit, and for all private visits, daily admission fees can be paid online or on arrival at the Visitor Centre on arrival ($18.50 per adult or $24.50 extended stay).