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Rottnest Island

Coral Conservation

The coral reefs of Western Australia’s Rottnest Island are of great value to Australia and the world. They are hotspots of marine biodiversity and shelter the coastline from storms and tidal waves. Many economies are also dependent on reefs and their products, including tourism.

Although the coral reefs of Western Australia’s Rottnest Island are among the best managed in the world, they are still susceptible to natural impacts such as cyclones, coral bleaching, and the crown-of-thorns starfish. Human stresses are minimal, but activities such as boating, fishing and diving can and do have an impact on reef systems.

Observe and obey Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) regulations relating to fishing, diving and snorkelling regulations. Visit the DEC website for further details and do your bit to preserve coral reefs when visiting Western Australia’s Coral Coast.