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Rottnest Island

Environmental education

Approximately 7,000 years ago it is believed Rottnest Island was separated from the Western Australian mainland, isolating the flora and fauna and creating unique environmental conditions.

Learn about the natural environment of Rottnest Island and the life that it supports, including information about the Island's bird life, marine life, reptiles and amphibians, flora, geology, and of course the quokka. Discover how the Rottnest Island Authority minimises damage to the environment while providing necessary services and facilities to visitors through methods such as waste management, water supply, and the wind turbine.

The Environmental Education Programme offers a range of hands-on activities, encouraging active student involvement and experiential learning. The programme is linked with the Curriculum Framework and is aimed at primary and secondary school students.
The Environmental Awareness Course is a comprehensive two-day course, designed for teachers, community leaders and members of the public. The course covers environmental conservation and management of the Island and assists group leaders to plan effective education programmes on the Island.

Rottnest Island Marine & Terrestrial Reserve Research Funding Program – 2009 and beyond.