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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island Marine Management Strategy

New sanctuary zone bouys in place

Sanctuary zone buoys have recently been installed in reserve waters and will remain in water until after the June long weekend each year. Upon removal in June, the buoy mooring weights will remain in position and will be marked with a sub-surface float at a depth of approximately 6m. The sanctuary zone buoys will be re-installed by 15th October each year. All buoys have have been fitted with reflective tape to increase their visibility at night.


New sanctuary zones created

The Marine Management Strategy (MMS) for Rottnest Island has been developed with the main focus of ensuring the unique marine environment of Rottnest Island is preserved and enhanced for future generations to enjoy. It has been developed with extensive consultation through a working group and community feedback.

The main components of the MMS include a new zoning plan which involves additional sanctuary zones, monitoring and research, education programs, enforcement and compliance.

The zoning plan will see the extension of two sanctuary zones at Parker Point and Kingston Reef and the creation of new sanctuary zones at Green Island, Armstrong Bay and West End. The West End is designated a demersal sanctuary zone to protect bottom-dwelling or ‘demersal’ fish species.

The new sanctuary zones and the demersal sanctuary zone will lead to important changes to the use of the Marine Reserve. Significant efforts have been taken to minimize the effects on recreational fishing, whether from the shore or a marine vessel.

The increase in sanctuary zones will have minimal impact on shoreline and boat-based recreational fishing as 83 percent of the shoreline remains accessible for fishing. Excised areas in the new sanctuary zones have been allocated to recognise popular shore-based fishing sites and boat-based trolling areas, targeting pelagic species at West End.



Marine Management Strategy July 2007- text only (see below for maps)
Rottnest Island Zoning Map
Sanctuary Zone 1 map: Kingston Reef
Sanctuary Zone 2 map: Parker Point
Sanctuary Zone 3 map: Green Island
Sanctuary Zone 4 map: West End Demersal Zone
Sanctuary Zone 5 map: Armstrong
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