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Rottnest Island

Contractor Information

It is important that anyone undertaking work on Rottnest Island reads and understands the information and requirements detailed in the Contractor and Consultant Guide.


Environmental Policy

This policy is applicable to all operations and services undertaken by the RIA, lessees, licensees, volunteer organisations, contractors and other government agencies on Rottnest Island.

To view the policy please click here.

Development Planning Policy and Guidelines

The following development planning documents were approved by the Minister for Tourism, the Hon Dr Elizabeth Constable MLA on the 21 May 2010. They outline the policy, process and guidelines for development applications on the Rottnest Island. These documents fulfil a major commitment made in the Rottnest Island Management Plan 2009-14 (page 35) concerning the improvement of development planning controls on the Rottnest Island.

Development Planning Policy

Development Planning Policy PDF 39KB

Development Planning Process

Development Planning Process PDF 50KB

Development Planning Flowchart PDF 193KB

Development Planning Guidelines

Complete set of Development Planning Guidelines PDF 196KB

View Development Planning Guidelines by section;

1.Development Planning Guideline Index and Glossary of Terms  PDF 45KB
2.Development Plans PDF 30KB
3.Sustainable Development  PDF 38KB
4.Cultural Heritage Places and Heritage Precincts PDF 36KB
5.Signage PDF 31KB
6.Settlement Design PDF 29KB
7.Colours and Materials PDF 42KB
8.Environmental Management of Flora, Fauna and Marine  PDF 31KB
9.Transport and Movement  PDF 24KB
10.Construction Management  PDF 27KB
11.Stakeholder and Community Comment Process PDF 30KB
12.Transportable Buildings  PDF 27KB
13.Telecommunications Infrastructure  PDF 24KB
14.Ancillary Development (Exemptions) PDF 31KB

Development Planning Application Form

Development Planning Application Form PDF 17KB

Coastal adventures family

Development Planning Application Form DOC 37KB

Heritage Related Matters

Development in Heritage Areas PDF 80KB

Overview Map of Rottnest Heritage Areas PDF 544KB

Map of Thomson Bay Settlement Heritage Area PDF 114KB

Map of Kingstown Barracks and Bickley Battery Heritage Area PDF 105KB

Map of Bathurst Lighthouse Heritage Area  PDF 84KBCoastal adventure underwater

Map of Oliver Hill Battery Heritage Area PDF 35KB

Other Relevant Matters

Request to Undertake Ground Disturbance  PDF 31KB 

Request to Undertake Tree Pruning  PDF 33KB

Application to Drive on Rottnest Island

Other documents referenced within the documents above are available from the Manager, Planning and Governance. Contact (08) 9432 9363.