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October 26, 2012

The Morning Show Live Broadcast - courtesy Seven Network

September 28, 2012

In response to recent enquiries from the Sunday Times, the RIA provided the following information:

"Further to your several enquiries, a ballot for accommodation at peak school holiday times has been run for over 15 years, as the fairest way to ensure that anyone who wants to come to the Island at these favoured times has a fair and equal chance.  

The ballot for the summer of 2012/13 (27 December 2012-29 January 2013) received over twice as many applications as allocations - 3,174 to 1,578.  After the first and second rounds, we are left with around 120 of the initial 1,578 allocations still available.  This is normal and applies primarily to cabin accommodation.  Over the next three months we expect this remaining accommodation to be taken up.

Our occupancy rates for the past three years have been 2010 – 99.9%; 2011 – 99.5%; 2012 – 98.1%.

Q: How long does the ballot run and how much accommodation is available?
The Rottnest Summer ballot covers arrivals from 27 December 2012 to Tuesday 29 January 2013.
1,578 allocations were made available over this period, and 3,174 applications received.
1678 applications were received for the Easter ballot (4 April 2012 to 22 April 2012) with 789 possible allocations available.

Q: How do ballot numbers this year compare to the last five years (if this is too difficult to extract the last three years perhaps).
The ballot application numbers in 2011/12 were 3,356 and in 2010/11 were 4,403.  In 2009/10 applications were 5,092.  

Q: How many day trippers are visiting Rotto compared to previous years (can you get comparison figures?)  
2011-12 = 191,877
2010-11 = 217,909
2009-11 = 198,736

These figures are for the financial year (1 July - 30 June of each respective year).  For the record, the month of July 2012 was a bumper one for visitor numbers (up by around 35%) and August numbers were also up.

Q: The Lodge is now also advertising on a low budget website (I think it is called Scoupon but I will find out). Is this because business has been a bit slow?
The Lodge is a privately leased business.  Information relating to the business should be sought from the operator.

As a general comment, whilst we continue to strive to improve on performance, we feel we are ticking the boxes for our visitors.  In 2011, the Island was judged the top tourism destination in the State by our peers in the industry.  We regularly conduct customer feedback surveys, and last year 97% of the people who visited felt the Island met or exceeded their expectations.  We have recently (this month) been awarded the GWN Top Tourism Award, and last night were finalists in four categories in this year’s tourism awards.

There are of course many people who feel they get better value from a holiday overseas, such as Bali.  The Rottnest Island Authority pegs prices to Western Australian as much as possible, whilst having to produce its own power, water and waste management.  Any surplus made from our business operation is ploughed back into the Island’s infrastructure, rolling maintenance program or conserving and protecting its natural and built environments."

September 25, 2012

Boaties reminded to steer clear of whales: The West Australian

The Department of Environment and Conservation says whale sightings off Perth and Rottnest Island are expected to increase over the next few months as ...

September 25, 2012

We are pleased to announce that Rottnest Island Visitor Centre has been announced winner of the 2012 GWN7 Top Tourism Award.

The West Australian 

WA shines in Australia's unofficial anthem

Cottesloe Beach, Rottnest Island and the Kimberley, along with WA musicians Eskimo Joe and rising star Sarah Turnbull, feature in the new music clip that celebrates the 30th anniversary of Australia's unofficial anthem, Great Southern Land by Icehouse. A collaboration between Tourism Australia, Icehouse lead singer, Iva Davies and Qantas, the clip can be viewed at Tourism Australia's YouTube Page

ABC 720 Perth Outside Broadcast

Paolo Amaranti, CEO of Rottnest Island, talks to Geoff Hutchinson about the Island. Read the transcript which also includes Marisa in Bike & Hire and the Principal of the Rottnest Campus of Beaconsfield Primary.

Read the transcript

Rotto priest calls it a day, 4 June, 2012

Rottnest Island, Australia: Island in the Sun. The Home of Quokkas, 30 May, 2012

May 7, 2012

Twenty Reasons to Visit Perth

April 17, 2012

Rottnest royalty living in paradise

April 12, 2012

Rotto winter rates attract

March 30, 2012

Rottnest gets some good karma

March 17, 2012

Stay on Rottnest longer, pay less 

February 29, 2012

Rotto history gives food for thought

February 27, 2012

Lawford wins Rottnest Swim

February 14, 2012

Big boost for Rotto campers

February 4, 2012

Riding to school on Rotto

February 2, 2012

Rottnest Island's best beaches

January 9, 2012

Rottnest wear and tear to be fixed 

January 3, 2012

Guides the 'heart and soul of Rotto'

January 1, 2012


The reinvention of Rottnest Lodge

December 29, 2011

Rottnest gets new ambulance for busy summer season

December 28, 2011

Search for some hammock heaven in 2012

December 28, 2011

Rottnest not too dear, say traders  

December 27, 2011

Record numbers holiday in Bali

December 27, 2011

Illuminating tales of WA lighthouses

December 27, 2011

New Rotto markers to aid night skippers

December 27, 2011

New sponge species name in honour of WA's Chief Scientist

December 24, 2011

Weekend interview: Rotto's holy order

December 23, 2011

New ambulance for Rotto

December 22, 2011

IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton 2011

Due to adverse wind conditions forecast for the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton kite surfing race on Saturday 3 December, the organisers have decided to postpone the event. For more information please see the press release  below, issued by the organisers of the event.

November 24, 2011


Statement from Mr Laurie O’Meara Chairman of the Rottnest Island Authority.

“What’s wrong with Rotto”

It was unfortunate that the “West” chose this heading for the article which appeared in today’s The West Australian (Thursday 24 November 2011).

The article talks about the worrying downturn in visitor numbers and that the Authority is taking an unprecedented step in commissioning a comprehensive research project in an endeavour to establish why this downturn is occurring.  The research that has been commissioned is part of our ongoing strategic planning and will look at a wide range of factors affecting our markets.  The downturn in our winter visitor numbers is most definitely due to the unprecedented number of rainy days we experienced this year, and whilst summer ballot numbers may be down, we have still received more than twice the number we are able to accommodate.  Our Easter ballot numbers are up by 15%.

The Island has never looked as good and the services offered have never been as comprehensive.  Recent visitor research shows that there has been an increase of 8% in perception that Rottnest provides value for money and that 98% of our visitors would recommend the Island as a place to visit.  This is a great vote of confidence!  

Another vote of confidence from our peers in the industry has resulted in Rottnest being named a Finalist in the forthcoming Tourism Awards.  This position is not gained lightly and reflects the hard work and ongoing investment into the Island by our business community and staff.

November 22, 2011

Leavers no longer blotto on Rotto

October 20, 2011

Brierty to push the Limit in Fremantle to Geraldton Race

October 20, 2011

Brierty pushes the Limit

October 13, 2011

Melissa George's big secret to find WA roots

October 10, 2011

World's best kitesurfers to race from Rottnest Island to Perth

September 22, 2011

French rally champion falls in love with Rotto

September 22, 2011

Dakar champion discovers WA ahead of Australasian Safari

September 20, 2011

Rottnest convoy coming up


 In relation to reports on the ABC network today (Wednesday 31 August 2011), the Rottnest Island Authority would like to advise that none of the 87 people who were underpaid were employees of the Authority.

August 31, 2011

Dozens of pay breaches uncovered at Rottnest Island

August 26, 2011

WA's best walking tracks

July 4, 2011


Statement from Mr Laurie O’Meara Chairman of the Rottnest Island Authority.

“I was very disappointed to read the article today, and whilst I am not able to fully comment on it because we are in process of a legal claim, I would like to state the following.

“In Rottnest Island’s hundredth year as a tourism destination, the RIA is fully committed to a flourishing tourism industry on the Island, including the delivery of Indigenous tourism products.”

“The RIA is very aware of the sad history of Aboriginal men arising from when the Island was used as a prison. During my time as Chairman of the RIA, serious attempts have been made to acknowledge this painful past and to progress towards a reconciled future”.

“Ground probing radar exploration has been carried out to establish the boundaries of the Burial Ground on the Island, which resulted in the closure of the previous camp ground. Work is also being undertaken in an effort to establish the Burial Ground as a significant place of reflection for all people”.

“In 2004, the RIA developed a Reconciliation Action Plan in consultation with Indigenous groups and t from the elders from across Western Australia. The Plan has been substantially progressed”.

“Prominent Jetty signage on the Island tells the story of Aboriginal custodianship of the Island, and we have recently introduced a Wadjemup Dreaming component into our curriculum-based Educational programs.  Interpretation of the six Noongar seasons has been erected at the “Quokka” shelter, and work is being undertaken on a “Welcome to Country” initiative”. These have been developed with input from our Aboriginal staff.

“The RIA developed, promotes and subsidises the highly successful Wadjemup Cup football match on the Island that brings together Aboriginal groups from across the State”.

“All RIA staff undertake cross cultural training that covers a very personal interactive experience on the history of Aboriginal people, not only on Rottnest, but elsewhere.

“The development of the Indigenous Tours was considered a business proposition under the Reconciliation Action Plan which sought to provide a genuine Aboriginal tourism business opportunity. The RIA approached the market through a tender process and entered a contract for the provision of an interpretive Indigenous tour. Considerable funds and resources were invested by the RIA into the venture, including the purchase of a dedicated bus”.

“The RIA attempted to negotiate an extension for the continuation of the contract however resolution could not be found between the parties. Unfortunately, the venture proved to be unsustainable and accordingly the contract was brought to an end at the conclusion of the agreed term”.

“The RIA is very committed to reconciliation with all Western Australian Aboriginal people and continues to explore initiatives to progress its reconciliation action plan.

May 21, 2011

My love affair with Rotto

May 5, 2011

Travel guides rates Perth fourth best

May 4, 2011

Whale migration begins along WA coast

May 4, 2011

Humpback whales begin annual migration to warmer waters 

30th March 2011

Equipment Upgrade in Rotto Facelift - The West Australian

26th March 2011

Once Upon an Island - The Australian

15th March 2011

Families to Play Free-Range on Anzac Day - The West Australian

23rd Feburary 2011


Rottnest: showcasing sustainability (pdf 868 KB), 7th December 2010

Rottnest Island celebrates century of tourism (pdf 16KB), 8th October 2010

It was reported in the Post Newspaper dated 2 October 2010 under the headline of “Mooring rule angers”, that “A Caribbean 40 was recently towed from Thomson Bay to Transit Reef: it was not displaying a mooring sticker”.

The RIA provided information to our media management company CPR to enable a response to be prepared to questions raised on this matter by the journalist Mr David Cohen. Unfortunately this information was not conveyed to Mr Cohen. The following statement has been based on the detail provided to CPR:

In the last year, no vessels have been moved by Rottnest Island Authority Rangers without the express permission or request of the owner/operator of a vessel.   

Although the RIA is authorised under the Rottnest Island Regulations 1988 to “take possession of the vessel and deal with it as if it were abandoned” this power has not been invoked during at least the last 4 years.  

Should the Regulations be invoked, standard operating procedures would apply, which include issuing a Warning Notice, Section 30 Notice and Infringement Notice as required.  At each step in the process, Rangers will make contact with the registered owner to advise what actions are required by the owner/operator of the vessel.   

However, even under these conditions, the Rottnest Island Authority has not been involved in the movement of any vessel during at least the last 4 years.

The RIA was also requested to provide a response to questions relating to the refurbishment of the Thomson Bay General Store. Due to the commercial nature of the questions, the RIA requested CPR to advise Mr Cohen to discuss these matters direct with the Lessee of the business, Mr Greg Brindle. This matter also was not communicated to Mr Cohen by CPR.

Ferry cancellation - Media Release, 12th July 2010

Rich in Rotto Resort Rort (pdf 17KB), Joe Spagnolo, The Sunday Times, June 20, 2010

Locals Rort Rotto Ballot (pdf 64KB) David Cohen, Subiaco Post, June 21, 2010

The facts:
Read theRottnest Island Authority's response (pdf 15KB) and make an informed decision. Accompanying the response are the summer ballot figures (pdf 17KB) broken down by suburb.


Fees and Charges

Admission Fee FAQ's (pdf 110KB)

Fee Restructure for Rottnest Island (pdf 28.1KB) - Minister for Tourism

20th April 2009

Research proposals on Rottnest Island – 2009 and beyond
Proposals are invited from interested parties to conduct research within the Rottnest Island Marine & Terrestrial Reserve. Support offered by RIA for proposed projects may be both financial and in-kind, up to the value of $5000.

The application closing date for a Semester Two 2009 start is Friday 5th June 2009. Proposals for a Semester One 2010 will be accepted until Friday October 30th 2009. For more information and an application form, please contact Rosie Smith, Volunteer & Research Coordinator on +61 8 9372 9736 or

25th February 2009

The Rottnest Island Authority is pleased to announce the launch of its Reconciliation Action Plan


Rottnest Islander Newspaper

Second Edition: Summer 2008 (pdf 3.64MB)

Third Edition: Autumn 2008 (pdf 3.33MB)

Fourth Edition: Winter 2008 (pdf 3.6MB)

Fifth Edition: Spring 2008 (pdf 3.79MB)

Sixth Edition: Summer 2009 (pdf 3.57MB)

Seventh Edition: Autumn 2009 (pdf 3.89MB)



9th May 2007, Public supports amendments to the Rottnest Island Management Plan,

6th February 2007, High praise across the board at WA Tourism Awards

1st February 2007, Premier's Awards

Rottnest Island escapes devastating fire on Australia Day

10th January 2007

Government of Western Australia Media Release: New Hotel unveiled for Rottnest Island
Broadwater Hotels and Resort Consortium Media Release: Broadwater Consortium Selected as ‘Preferred

Proponent’ to Develop Proposed Tourism Development on Rottnest Island


27th September 2006, Government of Western Australia Media Release: Rotto revamp well ahead of schedule


22nd July 2005, RIA Media Release: Rottnest a staging ground for waders on route to the Arctic Circle


Old treasures make up new displays at museum

A ship in a bottle made by an Italian doctor on Rottnest Island during wartime will feature in one of the new displays at the Island’s museum. View more

Rottnest a staging ground for waders

Not only is Rottnest Island home to many birds, it is one of the transequatorial migratory birds staging grounds during their marathon 20,000-25,000km round trip to the Arctic Circle. View more