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Rottnest is going plastic free AGAIN this July 2018!

This year's challenge:

Rottnest is encouraging visitors, residents and businesses to accept the Plastic Free July Challenge.

The challenge is quite simple: choose to refuse single-use plastic during July.

Single-use plastic is designed to last forever, yet every day we use it for disposable items which last a few minutes and are thrown away. 

Trash 4 Treasure

Join Geordie Bay Cafe, as they turn your Trash into Treasure with Responsible Cafes!

How to get involved:

1. Visit the cafe to collect your 'bucket'
2. Fill your 'bucket' with litter from public
areas (no cheating!)
3. Take this back to the cafe and exchange
it for a free hot drink. If you want a takeaway,
you must BYO, otherwise pull up a chair. 

Workshops (30th June - 15th July 2018)

Sandy McKendrick is a true hunter and gatherer, fossicking for that unusually coloured thong or the tooth brush with the exploded bristles and remnants of ghost-nets that she melts into new sculptures. She is continually challenging herself to discover creative solutions to marine issues. Sandy creates artworks from flotsam and jetsam collected along the shores of Western Australian and the Indian Ocean Territories. The artist uses plastics, rubbers and ghost-nets that are a scourge to our precious marine life. 

Sandy will be running two different types workshops over the July School Holidays:

  • Calico Bag printing (7 years + and guardian will need to be present at all times with kids): Did you think you could only wear thongs on your feet? Think again, come along to this creative workshop and reuse, recycle and create your own printed calico bag out of thong stamps! Free – Limited spots, bookings required.
  • Boat Sculptures (10 years + and guardian will need to be present at all times with kids)Learn how to reuse, recycle and design amazing boat sculptures out of recycled items. Ever wondered what you can do with old milk bottles, lids and beach rubbish? Join Sandy and create a boat masterpiece! FREE - Limited spots, bookings required. 


On Rottnest Island, recent storms and strong ocean currents have resulted in marine rubbish being washed up along Bickley to Strickland Bay and frequent beach clean ups indicate that plastic makes up the majority of rubbish composite. This is a hazard to our environment – especially to seabirds and marine wildlife including our precious shearwaters.

By 2050 it’s estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans. Most comes from land and was once in our hands. Refuse single-use plastic and together let’s keep our oceans clean.

"Think about it...why would you make something that you are going to use for a few minutes out of a material that's basically going to last forever. What's up with that?"  - Jeb Berrier, BagIt movie.

Plastic Free July started as a local initiative in Perth, Western Australia and has grown into a global initiative.

Join over 40,000 people, schools and organisations from 90 countries and let those same hands be part of the solution. 
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