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Rottnest SwimRun 

SwimRun race presented by SwimRun WA, will take place on the beautiful Rottnest Island on Saturday, 4 May 2019, starting and finishing at Thomson Bay.

The Rottnest SwimRun is a serious endurance challenge but also thoroughly enjoyable, as you swim and run your way around one of the most picturesque landscapes in Western Australia.

Competitors will circumnavigate Rottnest Island, covering a total distance of 32.7kms. The course is a serious endurance challenge, consisting of approximately 10 swim legs (total of 4.4 kms) in the most beautiful bays of Rottnest, and 10 run legs (total of 28.3 kilometres), a mix of beach running, trail running, and road running. 

SwimRun is a team event and each team has 2 people, both of whom complete the entire course side-by-side.There are 200 competitors in total consisting of male-male, female-female and male-female teams. 

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