Annual Admission Fees

Frequent visitors to Rottnest Island can purchase an annual admission sticker for their vessel. You can purchase an Annual Admission sticker online by clicking here.

Annual admission is a seasonal payment that covers fees for all passengers carried to the Island by private vessel for the period of 1 September to 31 August and is in lieu of individual daily admission fees.

Annual admission payments are valid for one season and enable unlimited visits to Rottnest Island for all passengers.  Payment of admission fees allows boat operators to anchor, beach anchor, or hire a swing mooring, jetty pen or beach pen facility.

All boat users must comply with the terms and conditions of vessel entry to the Rottnest Island Reserve.

Annual admission fees vary dependent on the registered length of the vessel.
* Vessel length refers to the registered length of a vessel as defined on the vessel registration papers issued by the Western Australian Department of Transport.
* Fees are GST inclusive and are effective from 18 July 2020. A fee reduction of 50% will apply for applications made after 1 April each season.

See the below table which outlines the 2020/2021 annual admission fees:

Vessels up to and including eight metres $264.50
Vessels longer than eight metres but less than 10m $302.00
Vessels 10m or longer, but less than 15m $362.50
Vessels 15m or longer $603.50

Once you have an annual admission sticker, it must be displayed on the port side of the vessel.

Boats may then anchor, beach anchor or hire a RIA swing mooring, jetty pen or beach pen facility in specified locations.

For access to licensed moorings, you must become an authorised user or a mooring licensee. Penalties apply for unauthorised use of moorings.

Annual Admission Sticker 2020