Anchoring & Beach Anchoring

The Rottnest Island Authority, in association with Boating WA, has installed six new beach anchor points in Longreach Bay. These facilities are completely free to use. Like the beach anchoring facilities at Thomson and Geordie Bays, two secure stern anchor points are provided on the shore to attach your vessel to. Boat owners will need their own ropes to secure their vessel to the beach anchor points.

Please note that the permitted beach anchoring area in Longreach Bay has been limited to minimise impacts of anchoring on the marine environment and ensure usability of the beach for other visitors. Your continued support in protecting the island is greatly appreciated.

See the Longreach Bay beach anchor points here (PDF 303KB).

Beach Anchoring
Beach anchoring is permitted, except in boating prohibited areas. Skippers should consider the following guidelines:

• There are also free beach anchoring points in Thomson, Geordie and Longreach Bays. The use of bow and stern anchors are required unless connecting to RIA supplied anchor points.
• Star pickets and other items not designed principally for beach anchoring are prohibited.
• Beach anchoring is not recommended for craft over eight metres in length.
• Anchoring parallel to the beach is not permitted as it reduces space for other users
• All anchoring equipment must be removed each time the vessel leaves the anchorage (temporary moorings are not permitted) 
• Do not intrude into boating prohibited areas
• Take care to bury your anchor deep into the sand, as they can be dangerous to other beach users.

Beach Anchoring Guide