Jetty Pens for Hire

There are a variety of jetty pens available for hire on three jetties in Thomson Bay (the stark jetty, fuel jetty and hotel jetty). Skippers will need to supply their own mooring lines. 

While the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) is awaiting replacement of the mooring pylons, all vessels using jetty pens are permitted when winds do not exceed 25 knots. Any vessel using a jetty pen when winds exceed 25 knots do so at their own risk.

A map of jetty pen locations can be downloaded here (200KB PDF).

Vessel Lengths

  • Stark jetty: Five pens for cabin cruiser-type vessels of up to 7.5m, with a maximum draft of 0.5m. The jetty is located north of the main ferry jetty.
  • Fuel jetty: Seven small pens suitable for craft of up to 7.5m. The jetty is located south of the main ferry jetty.
  • Fuel jetty: 13 large pens for larger craft from 12m to 16m. Several have enough draft to accommodate yachts. The jetty is located south of the main ferry jetty. There are two 20 minute loading zones on the fuel jetty, one located adjacent to the fuel pumps and one on the north side of the jetty.
  • Hotel jetty: Six pens for vessels up to 8m. The jetty is located south of the main ferry jetty. In addition to the hire pens, vessels can tie up to mooring points along either side of the hotel jetty closer to the beach for a maximum two-hour stay between 6am and 12 midnight. Note: The “T” section of the jetty is a 20 minute loading area only.

Please note: 

Due to the construction of the new Fuel Jetty, supplies of fuel and potable water are not available at the Thomson Bay Fuel Jetty until 30 November 2020. The RIA apologies for the inconvenience this may cause however it is necessary to ensure this ongoing service into the future. Potable water remains available from the Geordie Bay Jetty and small amounts of LPG is available from the Geordie Bay General Store.