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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island environmental initiatives & conservation

The Rottnest Island Authority minimises damage to the environment while providing necessary services and facilities to visitors through methods such as waste management, water supply, and the wind turbine.

In addition we teach responsible Island conservation through our educational programmes and encourage Island visitors to act responsibly in all areas that may impact on the Island's environment.

Help protect the beautiful natural landscapes and unique wildlife of Western Australia's Rottnest Island for future generations. Find out how you can minimise the impact of your visit by considering these conservation tips.

For more information about Rottnest Island environmental initiatives and conservation, click on the links below.


Recycling and waste disposal

In November 2006, the Rottnest Island Authority implemented a revised waste management strategy resulting in general waste streams no longer being disposed of at the Island landfill site… View more


Coral conservation

The coral reefs of Western Australia’s Rottnest Island are of great value to Australia and the world – do your bit to preserve them for future generations by observing and obeying conservation regulations… View more



Membrane filter pipes Water - A Precious Commodity

The supply of drinking water in sufficient quantities and at a reasonable cost has historically been an issue for Rottnest Island Authority, particularly in recent years as the demand for freshwater increases and rainfall decreases. View more

Environmental research

Rottnest Island is the subject of a wide range of research, conducted by schools, universities, government organisations, research institutions and volunteer groups. View more


Marine management strategy

The Rottnest Island Marine Management Strategy has been developed with the main focus of ensuring the unique marine environment of the Island is preserved and enhanced for future generations to enjoy. View more


Wind turbine

Rottnest Island's wind turbine produces around 35% of the Islands’ power needs, at maximum capability the turbine will be able to produce around 37% of the Island’s power… View more


Environmental education

Learn about the natural environment of Rottnest Island and the life that it supports. View more



Thomson Bay hydrocarbon site

The Rottnest Island Authority continues to monitor the Thomson Bay hydrocarbon site. View more



Rottnest (Wadjemup) Walk Trail Project

The Rottnest (Wadjemup) Walk Trail Project is all about creating a trail network that will control and manage access of visitors traversing the Island. View more