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Marine sanctuary zones

When you dive beneath the surface on Wadjemup, a whole new world is revealed with some of the most biodiverse marine gardens you’ll find anywhere. Approximately 400 species of fish and 20 species of coral call Rottnest Island home, and snorkelers, divers, and swimmers all have access to these underwater living sanctuaries.

We all play a role in preserving marine life, so take the time to familiarise yourself with the marine sanctuary zones and guidelines for snorkelling, fishing and boating. 
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Diverse plant life

Rottnest Island Nursery

The natural and unique landscape of Rottnest Island is as delicate as it is beautiful, and needs a plan for revegetation. 

Find out how the Rottnest Island Nursery is helping to keep the native landscape alive, and how you can volunteer to help keep the island thriving with plant life.

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Minimise your impact

All of the conservation efforts on Rottnest Island don’t mean much without the help of everyone who sets foot on the island. With just a few mindful actions, we can all help to maintain the beauty and sustainability of the land and sea.

Find out how you can reduce your ecological footprint and leave no trace on during your time on Wadjemup. 
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West End Sunset
Sunset at West End

Securing our future

The Rottnest Island Authority is committed to securing the future of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island through effective sustainability initiatives. Find out how we're working towards a more sustainable island, and how you can help. 
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Hydrating the island

Water is a precious resource on Wadjemup, but essential for life.

Find out how desalination is used to hydrate the whole island in a self-sustaining system, powered by renewable energy. 

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Cycling by wind turbine

Powering the island

Rottnest has two amazing natural resources — the strong Western Australian sun and the wind of the Indian Ocean — that help keep the island running. 

Find out about the island's local sustainable energy network, from the solar farm to your light switch. 

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