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Powering The Island

Learn how sustainable energy is used to power Rottnest Island.
Riding by the wind turbine
Riding by the wind turbine

A global benchmark for island sustainability

When you flick on the power in your Rottnest Island accommodation, do you wonder where that beam of light comes from, or how your kettle is boiling for the next cup of tea? Most of us probably don’t give it much thought. But, on Rottnest Island, there is a whole network of local energy systems that power the island.

As you travel around the winding paths of this land, you’ll see our 600 kW wind turbine spinning on Mt Herschel and our 600 kW solar farm. These eye-catching sights tell a clear story of the island’s commitment to sustainability. Run on an advanced hybrid of renewable energy systems, the wind and solar power is combined with a local power generation plant using low-load and standard diesel. 

The wind turbine and solar farm provide up to 45% of the island’s energy needs, so we’re using diesel less and less. So far, we’ve achieved a reduction of around 1,600 tonnes in CO2 emissions each year – the equivalent of taking 350 cars off the road. 

Investing for the future 

With new government investments coming into effect, the reduction in emissions will increase to an estimated 4,000 tonnes and the island will run off 75% renewable energy. 

From excess energy comes fresh drinking water

Due to strong winds and hot days on the island often ends up with an excess of renewable energy. We don’t want these precious resources to go to waste, so we partnered with Hydro Tasmania, ComAp, and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to create the Rottnest Island Water and Renewable Energy Nexus.

The Nexus takes the excess energy from the wind turbine or solar farm and directs it to the desalination plant to produce more clean water. The fresh drinking water can then be stored here in underground tanks, ready to be used as soon as needed.

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The island’s energy app

Download our energy app on iPhone and Android to see the island’s energy demands and provisions in real-time. 

The app also houses all the information on our renewable energy scheme so that you can explore the island through the lens of sustainability, visit the solar farm and wind turbine, and discover ways to reduce your ecological footprint.

Download the app now