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Minimise Your Impact

Amongst a delicate and precious ecosystem like Rottnest Island, the trace you leave behind becomes your legacy.
Hiking the Gabbi Karniny Bidi
Hiking the Gabbi Karniny Bidi

Play your part to reduce the ecological footprint of the island

All of the conservation efforts on Rottnest Island don’t mean much without the help of everyone who sets foot on the island. With just a few mindful actions, we can all help to maintain the beauty and sustainability of the land and sea.

Here's how you can minimise your impact:

Save water and electricity

If you’re staying overnight, save energy by turning off all lights and appliances when you head out of your accommodation. Take quick showers and be mindful of running water in the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Reuse and recycle 

Help reduce the use of plastics on the island by taking a reusable water bottle with you. Bring a reusable cup to the café, put your rubbish in the bin, and recycle what you can. You can also take part in Containers for Change on the island.

Respect the flora and fauna

When you experience the island by foot, bike or bus there are ways you can respect the land and its unique natural environment. Please don’t touch or feed the quokkas (or other wildlife), leave the island’s flora where you found it, get approval from the Rottnest Island Authority if you want to bring any flora over from the mainland, and contact the rangers prior to arrival should you need to bring a guide, assistance, or companion animal for medical reasons. 



Making a conscious choice to leave no trace
Spending time on Rottnest Island, means being aware of the land that was here before you and the place that will be here after you depart. Taking some time to pause and think about the trace you leave behind, can make all the difference.

What happens to your waste on Rottnest?

With a lot of visitors, comes a lot of rubbish. There are recyclables and general waste, which need to be processed in the right way. This starts with the right bin. There’s the red lid for general waste, and the yellow lid for recyclables. But the waste doesn’t stay on the island.

The waste from around the island is collected daily, kept separate, and then compacted and sent to the mainland. General waste goes to landfill while recyclables are processed at a Recycling Materials Recovery Facility.

Aerial of Boats at Rottnest Island
Boats in Longreach Bay

Reducing your waste footprint

Waste management is vital to sustainability. And, amongst a delicate and precious ecosystem like Rottnest Island, the trace you leave behind often becomes your legacy.

But there are ways that you can help us to reduce the island’s waste footprint:

  • Take your waste home with you when possible.
  • If you do throw rubbish in the bins on the island, check the signs and use the correct bin.
  • Please don’t add rubbish to overflowing bins.
  • If you’re coming to the island in your own boat, make sure that the contents of your boat are secure from wind and local birds.
  • When at sea, ensure waste like used boat batteries, appliances, and furniture are taken back with you.
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Containers for Change

You can find a  Containers for Change site near the RVGA Information Booth. This initiative is how we can all reduce marine pollution and recycle efficiently.

Here’s how you can be involved and where your change goes:

  • Drop off your loose containers and we’ll do the rest. Your change will go to The Rottnest Foundation. 
  • Or, bag your containers, label the bag with your own Containers for Change ID, and take it to our refund point. The change from your containers will then go back to you.
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