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Securing Our Future

From waste management to compost initiatives, our work towards sustainability is forever present.
Solar Farm, Wadjemup / Rottnest Island
Solar Farm, Wadjemup / Rottnest Island

Our commitment to sustainability 

From waste management to compost initiatives, our work towards sustainability is forever present. 

ECO Advanced Certified Ecotourism

This certification shows our commitment to operating with minimal impact on the environment. Our focus on sustainability provides a nature-based tourism experience that is unique to the island. 

Containers for Change

Rottnest Island has a container donation point in support of this important initiative to reduce litter and improve recycling. You can also collect your change at the refund point on the southern side of the Rottnest Volunteer Guides Information Booth

Green Waste

Green waste collected on the island stays on the island. It is then turned into mulch. 

Reducing the island’s reliance on fossil fuels

Investments in infrastructure and new initiatives are rapidly reducing the island's fossil fuel reliance, producing power without the footprint. In April 2022, the Western Australian government announced a $62 million upgrade to the island’s water and energy infrastructure, which will result in the island running on 75% renewable energy. The project will include:

  • Doubling the current solar generation capacity at the existing solar farm near the airport
  • Replacing the existing wind turbine generator on Mt Herschel with two smaller contemporary units, increasing practical capacity and efficiency
  • Installing a utility-scale battery storage solution
  • Upgrading the power distribution network


Are you interested in volunteering for tree planting, beach clean ups, or other important conservation efforts on the island? Discover how you can get involved with Rottnest Island's volunteer programs.