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The Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) strives to do all that is reasonable to ensure the accuracy, currency and reliability of content provided in and transactions performed via its digital assets including its web sites and mobile applications (RIA's digital assets). However, the RIA cannot and does not guarantee such accuracy, currency or reliability.

The RIA has no control over the content of external material accessible on or via any of the RIA's digital assets. It is each individual's responsibility to make their own assessments about the suitability, relevance, accuracy, currency, reliability and privacy practices of any content of external websites accessed via RIA's digital assets, or external website providers.

The RIA's digital assets may promote, advertise or refer to activities which are or may be dangerous or risky to certain persons (on medical or health grounds, or howsoever) or to persons in general.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons are hereby warned that the RIA's digital assets may contain images or names of other such persons who are deceased.

The RIA's digital assets may at any time and from time to time be temporarily or permanently unavailable or otherwise defective.

Each individual bears the risks expressly or impliedly mentioned or contemplated at clauses 1 to 5 inclusive above, and all other risks associated with use of or reliance upon the RIA's digital assets or any content therein, or any of the activities referred to at clause 3 above. Without limiting the previous sentence, neither the RIA nor any of its officers, members or employees shall be liable, in negligence or howsoever, for any loss (including direct, indirect or consequential loss), damage, liability, inconvenience or hurt suffered by any individual on account of:

  • That individual's reliance on or exposure to any content (including images) accessible on or via the RIA's digital assets or any third party content;
  • The RIA's digital assets or their content being somehow inaccurate, unreliable, incomplete, out-of-date, deficient, offensive, unavailable or defective;
  • That individual participating in any activities described at clause 3 above;
  • Events, happenings, circumstances or things:
  • Which are expressed or implied (at clauses 1 to 5 inclusive above) to be the responsibility of each individual;
  • Over or in respect to which the RIA is expressly or impliedly stated (at clauses 1 to 5 inclusive above) to have little or no control or responsibility; or
  • Which the individual has been expressly or impliedly warned or cautioned about (e.g. in clause 4 above); or
  • Interference of or with or damage to any individual's computer system/s arising from their use of the RIA's digital assets or a linked external site (including on account of any computer virus or malware).

This Disclaimer must be read together with the Privacy Policy.

If you have any comments or queries please contact us