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Luggage & equipment

Discover what you can bring, how much to pack and all the details for delivery, whether you're taking a short day trip or staying for a while.

Everything you need to know about luggage

From hand luggage to suitcases, sporting gear to eskies, you can bring everything you need to make the most of your time on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island. 

What you can bring and any associated costs will depend on how you travel to the island - ferry or air - and your travel provider. 


If travelling by ferry

Essential luggage information

Just like a plane journey, there are size and weight restrictions for your luggage when coming to Rottnest.

Generally, the following restrictions apply: 

  • Bag with handles - maximum 22 kg
  • Checked luggage items must not exceed dimensions of 50 cm x 80 cm
  • 'Piggy-backing' of luggage items is prohibited e.g. attaching a sleeping bag to a suitcase

Overweight and oversize bags will not be delivered once you reach the island. You will be contacted and given the option to pay additional delivery fees or to collect your item from the jetty. Labelled items placed in delivery crates will be delivered to your accommodation.

Hand Luggage

  • Hand luggage should be taken aboard the ferry.
  • Medication, valuable and fragile items should be carried in hand luggage. Please be aware that once luggage is removed from the ferry you will not be able to access it until it has been sorted and delivered to your accommodation.

Luggage and equipment transfers 

Transfer of your luggage and equipment can be arranged with your ferry provider when booking your ticket or before you board. 

Ensure you allow enough time to organise your luggage labels and place your items in the correct crate for transfer to the island, particularly in the busiest months over summer.

Ensure you retain your luggage labels for the return journey. If they become damaged or lost, you can pick up replacement labels from the Visitor Centre.

Luggage delivery

If staying overnight, your luggage will be delivered to your accommodation from the ferry. Double check your accommodation information is correctly marked on the labels to ensure correct delivery.  

The team aims to deliver all correctly labelled luggage within two to three hours - but there might be a further delay for unlabelled luggage.

Some of your essential island gear is considered ‘equipment’ and while transfer to the island and delivery to your accommodation is still available, it is treated a little differently to luggage and charges may apply.

For items such as surfboards, kayaks, paddleboards, and golf bags:

  • They can be delivered to your accommodation for a fee of $12.50 each way – this can be paid for and arranged at the Visitor Centre on arrival
  • After disembarking the ferry, place these items on the marked bench at the base of the jetty for pick-up
  • For delivery, you’ll need non-standard luggage labels which you can purchase from the Visitor Centre
  • There is no need to pre-book

Please note:

  • Alcohol will not be delivered to the Kingstown Barracks, hostel or the campground
  • Adult bicycles, craypots, unfolded trolleys, fishing rods (unless in tubes), dive cylinders and gas cylinders will not be delivered and must be picked up from the ferry on disembarking

If travelling by air

Luggage and equipment transfers can also be arranged if travelling to the island by plane; however, further restrictions apply on what you can take depending on the size of your party and the aircraft you are travelling in.


If you have any questions about your luggage or need any additional assistance, check the FAQs below or contact your transport operator who are there to help.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the following restrictions apply. 

  • Bag with handles - maximum 22 kg
  • Cardboard box - maximum 10 kg
  • Luggage items must not exceed dimensions of 50 cm x 80 cm
  • 'Piggy-backing' of luggage items is prohibited e.g. attaching a sleeping bag to a suitcase

The amount of luggage items you can bring varies by operator. Contact your operator for guidance. 

Charges may apply for overweight items. 

To ensure successful delivery to island accommodation, each piece of luggage is required to have a luggage label attached with a three-digit letter or number combination to indicate the delivery destination. 

Your luggage labels will be provided to you by your ferry operator.

These labels identify the accommodation unit you are staying in, as well as listing your contact details should your ferry operator need to get in touch.

Items without labels cannot be delivered. 

Luggage without a label will be taken to the luggage management area. Once other luggage has been sorted, staff will attempt to trace the owner. This may be up to three hours after the vessel has arrived.

If the owner is successfully identified the luggage will be relabelled for despatch once all other luggage has been delivered.

Luggage will be taken to the luggage management area. Once other luggage has been sorted, staff will endeavour to contact the owner to advise of the applicable charges for delivery of overweight luggage. 

Should guests choose not to pay the fee to have the luggage delivered, it will be returned to the main jetty later in the day from where the owner can pick it up.

Luggage can be picked up from the jetty at Rottnest Island if it has been placed in the designated ‘pick-up’ crate. 

Luggage placed in the crate for delivery to accommodation will be taken to the luggage management area. For safety reasons, this area is not accessible to the general public.

Neither the Rottnest Island Authority or the ferry operators will take responsibility for items lost or damaged in transit. 

Guests are advised to avoid packing valuables or essential medical supplies in checked luggage, and to ensure that all items of luggage are sufficiently robust to withstand being transported to Rottnest Island in crates where items may be placed on top of them.

Once your luggage has been collected it will be delivered as per the attached labels.

Yes, the Visitor Centre at the foot of the main jetty has labels available. Replacement labels require you to fill out your details manually.

Yes. Please contact your ferry operator if your travel arrangements change either before or during your visit. If your arrangements change while on the island, you will require new labels to ensure the correct delivery of your luggage back to the mainland. These can be collected from the Visitor Centre.

Yes, prams and strollers can be taken on the ferry but conditions may apply depending on the carrier. 

In most cases, prams and strollers are required to be folded. The crew will advise where to store them at the time of boarding.

Yes, you are welcome to bring a beach trolley. The crew will advise where to store them at the time of boarding.

Depending on the carrier, you may incur a freight charge. Check with the ferry operator prior to your journey.

Yes, but for safety reasons fishing rods cannot be taken into passenger cabin areas. They will be placed in the vessel’s hold by the crew and must be collected by yourself upon disembarkation from the vessel. 

Yes, bikes, bike trailers and electric bikes can be taken on the ferry but conditions may apply. 

Freight charges may apply and bikes may need to fit certain specifications depending on your chosen ferry operator. Contact them directly for more information. 

Yes, you can take electric scooters and electric bikes on the ferry but you may need to remove batteries and pack them in your hand luggage. They cannot be delivered to your accommodation once you arrive.  

Freight charges may apply depending on the ferry operator. Contact them directly for more information. 

Rottnest Island Visitor Centre
Rottnest Island Visitor Centre