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Snorkelling & Diving

Explore a world beneath the surface

Immerse yourself beneath the surface and experience Wadjemup / Rottnest Island from a different perspective. Among the water's wonders is a rare and remarkable mix of temperate, subtropical, and tropical species of marine life.

With the mild Indian Ocean, warming Leeuwin Current and natural reef barrier, the clear turquoise waters reveal an underwater paradise home to a mesmerising mix of tropical fish, friendly stingrays, coral, and shipwrecks.

With so many sheltered and protected bays, you can interact with over 400 different species of fish, green turtles, and colourful western rock lobsters. The rich marine reserves are home to a chorus of corals, meadows of seagrass, and more - all ready for you to explore.



Take care when snorkelling and diving
Take care when snorkelling and diving and note that spearguns and handspears are not permitted in the Marine Reserve.



Explore and experience

400 different species of fish

Reef caves and swim throughs

Information panels amongst the coral

Shipwrecks teeming with life

Spots for all ages and abilities

With a number of sheltered and protected bays, and breathtaking sights just metres from the shore, Wadjemup offers snorkelling and diving adventures for a range of ages and abilities. 

Take your pick from the popular snorkelling spots of The Basin , Parakeet Bay and the shipwreck at Henrietta Rocks , or simply cycle from beach to bay to find a new favourite.

For a story-filled swim, explore the snorkel trail at Little Salmon Bay or Parker Point and be guided by the series of information panels attached to the seabed below.

Thanks to its diversity of marine life, clear water, reef caves and swim-throughs, Wadjemup is a spectacular diving destination. Although there are countless reef dive spots, Crystal Palace is one on the south east side that showcases the island’s intricate network of underwater caves, with an expanse of flowing submarine flora visible from the surface and dark blue openings in the reef teasing at hidden pathways below.

The waters around Rottnest Island also disguise the sunken remains of multiple historic ships dotted around the bays. Many of these are impressive dive sites, with Macedon and Denton Holme lying close enough for one dive visit. 

Macedon still sits upright, the ribs and gunwales of the hull splayed open, merging with reef, while Denton Holme’s bow stretches upward, almost breaching the surface. 


Diving safety
For your safety, always log your dives with the metropolitan sea rescue groups.
Underwater world
Underwater world

What you’ll need to snorkel or dive

It doesn't matter if you have all the gear or no idea, you can still enjoy an unforgettable snorkelling or diving experience on Wadjemup. Bring your own gear over or hire snorkel sets, dive tanks and refills on the island from Pedal & Flipper Hire

You can travel to your chosen snorkel or dive spot by bike, or simply take the Island Explorer Bus and hop off whenever you see somewhere that takes your fancy!

Hire snorkel or dive gear

Learn the Noongar names


Green turtle

Eagle ray

Boya-k maambakoort-koorp
Sea coral