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Parakeet Bay

A secluded sandy stretch

A secluded stretch of beach on the northern tip of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, Parakeet Bay is the bigger sister to Little Parakeet Bay. Just around the rocky outcrop, past the teeming dunes, pristine white sand gives way to sparkling azure water. 

It’s a calm, tranquil beach and ideal for families. Shallow, well-protected waters provide safe conditions for newer swimmers. Or lay down a towel for a long, lazy afternoon in the sun.

The sandy-bottomed beach gives way to large swathes of underwater rocks, making it a safe haven for a variety of curious sea life. You might even spot a friendly stingray here or there as you drift underneath the waves.


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Stunning blue water

Serene swimming conditions

Spot the friendly stingrays

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Where to find Parakeet Bay

One of Wadjemup’s northernmost beaches, Parakeet Bay accessible by bus. Take the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer and hop off at Stop 18, then walk the 400 metres to the beach. Close to the main townsite, it’s just 12 minutes by bike from the Thomson Bay settlement, and only five minutes from Geordie Bay.

Hikers can access Parakeet Bay via the Gabbi Karniny Bidi.


For land-dwellers and seafarers alike

Parakeet Bay is a favourite for boating enthusiasts. Much calmer and quieter than the more popular beaches, the bay offers a gentle, sheltered spot to pull up at a mooring or lower the anchor. Lounge on the side of the boat and watch the fish swim by, or throw on the snorkel, slip into the calming blue swell, and explore a glittering undersea world.
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Parakeet Bay, Rottnest Island
Parakeet Bay

Frequently asked questions

There are no facilities available at Parakeet Bay, but it’s just a five-minute cycle (or 20-minute walk) away from the Geordie Bay facilities.
Parakeet Bay is entirely in the sun, until the later afternoon when the rocky outcrop on the western side of the beach starts to throw shadows down onto the beach. So be sure to bring an umbrella and sunscreen!
Shore-based fishing is permitted by means of a rod and line, or hand-held line, but no spear fishing or net fishing is allowed.