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Cycle your way around the island

From coastal landscapes to pink-stained salt lakes, iconic lookouts, and everything in between, this is your guide to experiencing Wadjemup on two wheels.
5 minutes
Salmon Bay
Salmon Bay
There is a limited number of vehicles on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island. Traffic noise is replaced by the sounds of birdlife, travellers’ voices lowered in awe, and distant waves crashing along the coastline. Cycling has become the main form of transport on the island, allowing visitors to slow down and properly take in the unique landscape.

A 22 km road network weaves across Wadjemup, providing access to most of the beautiful Class A Reserve. Both paved and dirt tracks wind past grassy headlands, incredible ocean vistas, and colourful salt lakes, all vibrant with an array of native wildlife


Stick to the island paths
The roads and cycle paths are designed to give you a full experience of the island with minimal impact on the native environment. You can help by staying on the roads and watching wildlife go about their natural movements.

Getting started — hire everything you need

Bring your own bikes across on the ferry, hire some from the ferry operator, or book your bikes (and any other gear you need) in advance from Pedal & Flipper Hire so that when you arrive, they will be waiting for you. Pedal & Flipper Hire is located on the island and has step-through and cross-bar bikes, electric bikes, and a large selection of children’s bikes. You can also hire bikes with baby seats and child trailers for transporting smaller travellers around the island.

Pedal & Flipper Hire also offers a bike and bus package, designed for those looking to experience more of the island while taking a break when needed. You can cycle out to one of the many beaches and then simply leave your bike on the racks and take the bus back to the settlement.


Choose your adventure — island cycle routes

The Rotto Mini Loop

Distance: 4 km 
Time: 30 minutes

This 4 km loop gives visitors the perfect snapshot of Wadjemup. It winds past some of the island’s most impressive locations and is easy to complete in less than an hour.

Setting off from Thomson Bay, you’ll ride through the peaceful bushland towards The Basin. The clear, shallow waters and protective reef wait invitingly for your refreshing mid-cycle dip. 

The route continues along the coast, past the quiet accommodation hideaway of Longreach Bay towards Geordie Bay. Geordie's Cafe and Art Gallery is another place you can stop on this leisurely cycle; pick up a fresh juice, sit at the beach, and watch the boats tack across the water. Back on the road, the trail runs inland, traversing between the golf course and still waters of the salt lakes. 

The peak of the journey is Vlamingh Lookout, where you can take in expansive views over the island before you arrive back at the settlement. 

Beaches, Lighthouses, and Lakes

Distance: 10 km 

Time: 1.5-3 hours

This 10 km loop explores more of the island without being too arduous. If you take your time, pausing at every stunning vista and dipping your toe at all the beaches, then you can while away an entire afternoon. 

Begin by heading south past Kingstown Barracks, gliding along vibrant green headlands, and watching as a new beach unfurls around every corner. The route passes by some of the most picturesque spots on the island, including Henrietta Rocks, Porpoise Bay, Parker Point, and Little Salmon Bay.
After Salmon Bay, ride inland towards Wadjemup Lighthouse. Then pause your journey and ascend 38 metres of stairs to the top of the lighthouse, where you can admire 360-degree views and spot the Perth skyline in the distance across the ocean. 

On the way back to the settlement, you will cycle through the island’s network of mirrored lakes and wetlands. Stop to take a stroll along the lakes boardwalk and discover how the lakes were formed from the interpretative signage. These wetlands are a haven for birdlife, so look out for banded stilts, crested terns, and Red-necked Phalarope on Lake Herschel and Lake Baghdad.

The Island Ride

Distance: 22 km 

Time: 3-5 hours

This is the ultimate adventurer’s route, where you cycle the entire island — all the way to West End. If you’re willing to go the distance, then you will discover abundant rewards. As you travel the southern side of the island, you will pass along the same string of popular beaches visited in the 10 km ride, providing ample opportunities for a cooling swim.
After this, the landscape becomes more rugged as you enter the narrow western end of the island. For the chance to witness local marine life in their natural habitat, stop at the Cathedral Rocks and Cape Vlamingh viewing platforms. From there you can see long-nosed fur seals resting in their colony, Australian sea lions basking on the beach, and out in the sea, bottlenose dolphins and migrating humpback whales (from August to December).

The coastal return path is a collection of beautiful, expansive beaches, as you travel past places like Geordie Bay and Longreach Bay on your way to the main settlement. Watch the headlands transform into bushland dotted with thriving salt lakes, before arriving in the bustle of Thomson Bay once again.