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Little Salmon Bay

Wadjemup’s coral coast

Located at one of the southern-most tips of the island, Little Salmon Bay is one of the more popular bays on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island. Its naturally-sheltered location makes for calm, clear waters, perfect for families looking for a relaxing swimming experience.

It’s an excellent spot for snorkelling and exploring under the waves. Follow the Little Salmon Bay snorkel trail to discover more about the plethora of Wadjemup sea life. 

Some lucky beachgoers might even have the fortune to spot the rare Australian sea lion lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun. But if you do see one, be sure to watch it from a distance rather than getting up close, and let it enjoy its time on the beach, too.

Take a look around and find…

Stunning snorkel trail under the water

Beautiful coral reefs

The rare Australian sea lion

The nearby Wardan Nara Bidi

Where to find Little Salmon Bay

Located on the south side of the island, Little Salmon Bay is over five kilometres away from the main settlement. It’s a bit long to walk, but makes for a nice 25-minute bike ride. Alternatively, you can simply take the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer bus and get off at stop 6.


Learn more about Wadjemup’s underwater magic

Little Salmon Bay doesn’t just sparkle on the surface—there’s a whole world under the waves to explore. Strap on your snorkel and tighten your fins, wade into the water and get ready to learn. Little Salmon Bay features its own snorkel trail, a series of information panels installed on the seabed that tells you all about the sea life and its surrounds.

Explore the limestone reef on the left hand side of the bay, and follow the trail right around to the other side. Marked by information panels and marker buoys, the trail guides intrepid snorkellers out into the bay. The water never gets too deep, so it’s perfect for beginners and families—and be on the lookout for glimpses of starfish, crayfish, and other tropical fish.
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Little Salmon Bay, Rottnest Island
Little Salmon Bay

Frequently asked questions

There are no facilities at Little Salmon Bay. But don’t worry, the Parker Point facilities are an easy five-minute walk away—or one minute on the bike.

No. Little Salmon Bay is part of the Parker Point Marine Sanctuary Zone, so no fishing is permitted.

Little Salmon Bay is a leisurely 25-minute bike ride from the Thomson Bay settlement. Alternatively, get off at Stop 6 on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer bus.