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Six Rottnest Island experiences for your wish list

From segway tours to cultural experiences or a round of golf, there’s so much more of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island to discover.
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Segway tour
Segway tour

There’s more to discover on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island — from segway tours to cultural experiences or even a round of golf. Here are six experiences to add to your island wish list.

1. Segway Tour

Explore the breathtaking natural scenery and rich history of Wadjemup on your own revolutionary set of wheels. Segway Tours WA will lead you on a journey of exploration into Rottnest Island’s hidden treasures, taking you places you’ve never been before. Riding a segway is easy to learn and you’ll quickly be on your way to experiencing the previously hard-to-reach corners of the island.

2. Go Cultural Aboriginal Walking Tour

Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours & Experiences offer unique walking tours from an Aboriginal perspective, guaranteed to heighten your appreciation of Wadjemup. Your Noongar guide will explain the historical significance of the island to the Traditional Owners, the Whadjuk Noongar people, and its continued importance in culture and storytelling. The tours include a traditional Aboriginal sand ceremony, Dreamtime stories and a traditional song in the Noongar language. Or choose the extended cultural immersion, just for adults, including a traditional Smoking Ceremony and extended information about the historic buildings and infrastructure that tell of the island’s shadowed past.


3. Skydive Geronimo

Fancy getting the adrenaline pumping and seeing the island from a new perspective? Push yourself out of your comfort zone and skydive over Rottnest Island.  Experience incredible views of the island’s majestic coastline as you take a scenic flight over the turquoise waters before an exhilarating freefall and parachute ride down to the beach. With Skydive Geronimo, you can do a tandem skydive from 10,000 or 15,000 feet, landing on the sands of Wadjemup.

4. Rottnest Island Golf Course

Rottnest Island Golf Course is one of the island’s best kept secrets. Boasting nine quality golf holes, the grass greens, tees and fairways pave the way for one of Western Australia’s most unique golfing experiences. Whether you’re playing nine holes or doubling up to 18 rounds, this course is a unique way to experience the island in all seasons.


5. Rottnest from the air

Treat a loved one to a breathtaking, scenic joy flight over the island. You’ll be treated to stunning aerial views of the Western Australian coastline and the colourful patchwork of hills, lakes and bays across Wadjemup. Rottnest Air-Taxi offers joy flights from 10 to 35 minutes with the option to add discounted scenic detours to flight transfers as well.

6. Rottnest Movies & Mini Golf

Challenge your friends or family to a round of mini golf or enjoy the nostalgia of some classic arcade games at Rottnest Movies & Mini Golf. Indulge your inner child with retro pinball machines, Pac‑Man, Space Invaders and air hockey. In the evenings, head to the heritage deck chair cinema for a unique movie experience. There’s even a candy bar serving fresh popcorn, homemade choc bombs and drinks.