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Embrace the unexpected with an ocean adventure this winter

Dive deep with this weekend itinerary for adventure-loving friends, from fresh coastal walks to brisk ocean swims and surfing.
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Aerial of Strickland Bay
Aerial of Strickland Bay

As the days cool and the island flourishes with a new season, more opportunities arise to connect with your people. Whether it’s those who will pull on their wetsuits to discover an underwater world or the ones who chase the best swell of the season, paddling out alongside you.

Swell that rivals the southwest of Australia, sunken ships and marine gardens that wrap you in underwater wonder, and local bites that warm you to the core. This itinerary is for the group who usually swags under the stars at Conto’s, Margaret River or who ventures north to dive Muiron Islands, Exmouth. Wadjemup holds your next ocean adventure.

Day One

As any group of water enthusiasts will know, the best weather for ocean-based sports is in the morning. So, we recommend catching the first ferry so you can arrive as early as possible. Once you’ve landed, it’s time to head for the water.


With the Leeuwin Current flowing down from Indonesia, the water here is usually approximately four degrees warmer than the coast of Perth. This means that on a warmer winter's day you’ll find the conditions are perfect for a wetsuit-clad snorkel or dive to fully immerse yourselves in the thriving underwater world of Wadjemup. Spectacular spots are easily accessible from the shore, such as The Basin, Salmon Bay, and the shipwreck at Henrietta Rocks. Or you can opt for a story-filled swim along the snorkel trails at Little Salmon Bay and Parker Point.


After swimming amongst the underwater world of Wadjemup, it’s time to check into your home away from home for the night, so wander over to the Visitor Centre if you’ve booked Stay Rottnest accommodation, or make your way to Samphire Rottnest or Discovery Rottnest Island to get settled in.

By the time you’ve warmed up with a hot shower and left your wetsuits out in the winter sun, it’ll be time for a late lunch. And after all that exertion, Hotel Rottnest will leave even the hungriest satisfied with all your favourite pub classics on offer, such as fish and chips, pizzas, burgers and more.


Take in the expanse of the Indian Ocean from land by following the first section of the Gabbi Karniny Bidi (a Wadjemup Bidi trail) from the main settlement to Pinky Beach and continuing onto Longreach Bay. Keep an eye out to sea for a glimpse of migrating humpback whales from August – December when you’re at Pinky Beach.


As the sun bids farewell to the day, evenings hold a promise of respite, inviting you to soothe your weary legs, unburden your mind and embrace your island escape. To end your memorable first day of your group’s weekend away, wander back over to Pinky Beach— it’s one of the best spots to witness an island sunset. With the iconic white brick structure of Bathurst Lighthouse as your backdrop, watch the skies transform into hues of gold as you make conversation about your favourite moments of the day over dinner at Pinky’s Rottnest Island.

Day Two


It’s another early start for the other wintery ocean activity: surfing. The cooler months bring light conditions and big, rolling swells, with the surf paralleling the waves of Margaret River. Once you’ve packed up your accommodation and left your luggage outside ready for collection and delivery to the main jetty for your return ferry, or secured your bags in the lockers behind the Visitor Centre, it’s time to hit the waves. The ideal time to head out is right after sunrise, about 7 or 8 am, with Strickland Bay being the spot for experienced surfers and softer waves found at Mary Cove or Chicken Reef near Salmon Bay.

The best way to get to your chosen break for the day is by bus, bike or e-bike. If you need a surfboard rack for your bike, swing by Pedal & Flipper Hire to hire one for the day.


There’ll be time to visit a spot in the main settlement for lunch before catching the ferry. The iconic Rottnest Bakery is the perfect spot to pick up some hot and hearty food to warm yourselves up after a morning of surfing the waves. Choose from hot meat pies, sausage rolls, pastries and the famous jam and Nutella doughnuts, or some hot chips from the Chook Shack window. Settle in outside of the bakery or find a spot overlooking Thomson Bay before you hop on your afternoon ferry home.

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