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Henrietta Rocks

Stunning scenery above and below the waves

Just a short bus ride away from the main settlement, Henrietta Rocks is a spectacular spot for Wadjemup / Rottnest Island explorers, offering both long, lazy days at the beach and hidden adventures below the waves. 

Surrounded by rocky and rugged coastline, the crisp white beach sand gives way to clear blue water. Further up on the hill, beachgoers and Ngank Yira Bidi trail walkers are treated to expansive views out over Porpoise Bay.

The beautiful water hides an even more stunning coral reef and an intriguing shipwreck, surrounded by seagrass that plays home to an array of diverse sea life.

So grab your snorkel and your fins, and discover one of Wadjemup’s premier underwater playgrounds.


Look out for

Snorkel the stunning coral reef

Discover the wreck of Shark

Warmer waters for lazy summer afternoons

Walk the Ngank Yira Bidi

Where to find Henrietta Rocks

Henrietta Rocks is located on the south-east corner of Wadjemup. While the fastest way to get there is to hop on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer Bus, it’s less than half an hour’s walk away from the main settlement.

Alternatively, you can hire a bike and take the easy ride from Thomson Bay that wends its way around the island and along the coast.


Wreck of Shark
Wreck of Shark

Discover the wreck of Shark

Henrietta Rocks is one of the more quiet snorkelling spots, and a true hidden treasure of the Wadjemup beaches. And it’s not just what’s above the surface that makes it so special…

Located just 50 metres offshore is the historic wreck of Shark. A hopper barge that broke free from its mooring in Fremantle in 1938, it drifted across the channel to its current location, where it ran aground on the reef and slowly sank. 

It’s been lying submerged under the tranquil waters ever since, providing an underwater playground for Wadjemup’s famous sea life — and an exciting experience for both new and seasoned snorkellers and divers alike.
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Frequently asked questions

Henrietta Rocks is quite secluded, so there are no established facilities nearby. The closest public facilities are at either Army Groyne or Little Salmon Bay.

Jump on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer Bus and get off at Stop 3. Alternatively, it’s less than half an hour’s walk or a short cycle away from the main settlement.

There are no facilities at Henrietta Rocks and, at present, no accessible entry to the beach.