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The best sunset locations on Rottnest Island

Settle in for a beautiful sky show at one of our top sunset spots.
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Rottnest Island sunsets
Rottnest Island sunsets

It doesn’t get much better than a sun-soaked day on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island. But for something special, you need to hang around until the sun goes down. 

Reflect on a day of discovery with one of the most spectacular natural attractions on the island - a golden sunset over the Indian Ocean. The sky turns cotton-candy pink, the ocean glitters and the breeze cools your sun-warmed skin. 

Whether you’re staying on the island or just taking advantage of the late return ferries, settle in for a beautiful sky show at one of our top Rottnest Island sunset locations.

Pinky Beach

Nestled to the north of Thomson Bay, you’ll find the breathtaking Pinky Beach. If you’ve spent any time scrolling through Rottnest Island location tags on Instagram, you’re bound to have come across a Pinky’s sunset. With Bathurst Lighthouse providing a scenic backdrop, Pinky Beach will impress even the most seasoned sunset-enthusiast. Plus, you can head on over to Pinky’s Rottnest Island for delicious cocktail or craft beer, as well as live music on the weekend.

Bathurst Lighthouse

If you’re looking to level up your sunset views, visit Bathurst Lighthouse. Here you’ll experience a huge sunset vista with uninterrupted views across Pinky Beach, the Indian Ocean and back towards the Perth coastline. While the lighthouse is closed to visitors, you can still grab a seat at its iconic base to watch the glow across the Wadjemup landscape.



Oliver Hill

As well as a hub of history, Oliver Hill offers a spectacular sunset spot. The hill provides an incredible lookout, offering a panoramic view over the southern side of the island. You can watch the sun fall behind the distinguished profile of Wadjemup Lighthouse, making for an impressive photo opportunity as the colours of the sky silhouette the iconic landmark. Due to the secluded nature of the location, it is best to cycle back to the main settlement soon after, before it gets too dark.

Garden Lake

Only a short walk from the settlement, Garden Lake offers unique sunset views of both the salt lakes and Wadjemup Lighthouse in one picture-perfect composition. The calm lakes reflect the vibrant colours of the sky, making it a must-see for sunset lovers. Garden Lake is also a renowned location for quokka spotting, so keep your eyes peeled at dusk. Remember that the quokkas are wild animals, and be sure to observe them at a respectful distance. 

On-board a sunset cruise

Why not try a beautiful sunset tour with Charter 1 to finish off your day? Enjoy a stunning perspective of golden hour on their luxury catamaran tours. From the sound of the breeze in the sails to the complimentary bubbles and antipasto, it is a blissful experience to add to your Rottnest Island itinerary.



Vlamingh Lookout

Located just beyond the main settlement, Vlamingh Lookout offers sunset hunters an alternate view as the sun dips over the shimmering salt lakes. You can easily walk or ride over to the lookout, experience the sunset and make it back in time for your dinner plans.

Geordie Bay

Home to one of Rottnest Island’s largest and most popular beaches, Geordie Bay provides stunning sunset views in an idyllic setting. As an alternative to cycling, bus services offer convenient access to the bay and its attractions. Before making any plans, be sure to check operating hours as late services are seasonal and are subject to change throughout the year. Plus, visitors can enjoy a bite to eat from Geordie's Café and Art Gallery after basking in the evening’s lightshow.

Tips for taking the best sunset snaps

  • Ensure your camera lens is clean. Whether you’re using a smartphone or digital camera, a fingerprint on your lens can wreak havoc on any photograph! Give your lens a quick wipe before taking photos with a soft cloth.
  • Consider composition as you frame up your shot. What elements are in the foreground? This could be the sandy beach, the ocean, a beachside venue, or a natural landmark. Now shift your focus to the background. Is the skyline clear or cloudy, and where is our hero, the sun?
  • Move around. Don’t be afraid to change positions and capture your Rottnest Island sunset from different angles. Get creative!
  • Shoot wide and then zoom in. The more you capture in your image, the more you have to work with. Then you can zoom in and simply crop away anything unwanted.

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