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Geordie Bay

Explore the northern coast of Rottnest Island

A curve of white sand gives way to brilliant blue water, dotted with boats. The large, curved beach provides space for roving groups of families and friends.

One of the largest beaches on the island, Geordie Bay offers enough space for everyone to set down a towel, open up the picnic blanket, and spend their day by the water. Swimming further out into the bay, you’ll find excellent snorkelling opportunities. Dive below the gentle waves to come face to face with schools of fish, and even the occasional stingray passing by. Stay until sunset for one of the best views of the island’s daily sky shows in an idyllic setting. 

While home to bands of curious quokkas, make sure you look without getting too close, and give them the distance they need to enjoy their island home. 

You'll also find...

Vibrant blue water

Friendly quokkas

Holiday accommodation

Boat moorings

Where to find Geordie Bay

One of Wadjemup’s northern beaches, Geordie Bay is situated just an easy 7-minute bike ride from the Thomson Bay settlement. A key stop on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer bus route, you can take the bus around the island and get off at Stop 19. There’s also boat mooring available, but be sure to book in advance, as the bay gets busy.


Make your Wadjemup stay something special

Geordie Bay features everything you need to make the most of your Wadjemup holiday.

One of the busier accommodation locations, visitors will find a range of lodging options suitable for groups and families. Each one is located conveniently close to the beach, with a view out to the vast, northern Indian Ocean. Simply step outside your front door and it’s a quick walk to the crisp white sand.

The nearby Geordie's Cafe & Art Gallery provides mouth-watering cafe meals, available to eat in or take away, while the Geordie Bay General Store has a selection of the provisions you’ll need to ensure you make the most of your island holiday.
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Geordie Bay
Overlooking Geordie Bay

Frequently asked questions

Geordie Bay is one of the more populous beaches, so it has plenty of close amenities available, including public toilets, showers, accommodation options, as well as a cafe and general store.
Yes, rod and hand line fishing is permitted at Geordie Bay, both on the shore and by boat.
A large portion of Geordie Bay is sandy-bottomed and shallow, making it ideal for swimming and splashing around. If you head further out into the bay, you’ll traverse green seagrass, which eventually gives way to colourful coral. Here you’ll find some excellent snorkelling conditions, with plenty of inquisitive reef fish — and if you look hard enough, you may even see the occasional octopus or stingray.