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Explore the waters around Wadjemup unhindered by land

Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is often defined by the ocean surrounding it — a collection of sand dunes and salty lakes bordered by clear turquoise bays that merge into the expanse of dark blue. And the best way to connect with these waters is to get up close on a boat.

Travelling around the island on a boat is a deeply nostalgic experience. It’s steeped in childhood memories of wavy voyages from the mainland, cannonball jumps from the deck, and relaxed barbecue dinners by the beach. And for those who don’t have these memories, they are waiting.

Whether you hire a boat, join a tour, or journey over on your own vessel, endless opportunities awaken with the freedom of a boat.


A new perspective of the island

Observe marine wildlife

Access more diving, surfing, and fishing spots

High-speed boat rides

Tranquil sunset voyages

Hiring a boat

If you don’t have your own boat but still wish to explore the island’s bays freely, then you can hire one from Boating West.

They’ve got centre cab boats, bow riders, ribs, and tinnies, so you can choose the one that suits your type of adventure. Book the boat in advance and head to the fuel jetty in Thomson Bay to collect your vessel. 

Hire a boat

Boating and mooring regulations

With the freedom of your own boat, comes the need to follow regulations that keep the island running smoothly and protect the unique flora and fauna.

Check out important boating and mooring information on the Rottnest Island Authority website to learn everything you need to know about using your boat in the waters of the island.

Learn more about boating

Spots for all ages and abilities

With a number of sheltered and protected bays, and breathtaking sights just metres from the shore, Wadjemup offers snorkelling and diving adventures for a range of ages and abilities.

Take your pick from the popular snorkelling spots of The Basin, Parakeet Bay and Henrietta Rocks, or simply cycle from beach to bay to find a new favourite. For a story-filled swim, explore the snorkel trail at Little Salmon Bay and be guided by the series of information panels attached to the seabed below.

Thanks to its diversity of marine life, clear water, reef caves and swim-throughs, Wadjemup is a spectacular diving destination. 

Parakeet Bay
Parakeet Bay