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From the shores, jetties, and seas of Rottnest Island

In any season, fishing at Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is for those seeking easy stillness as they reel in an impressive catch of the day.

It’s a pretty special experience, where your day of fishing yields seafood still fresh with the ocean’s salt, eaten straight from a sizzling barbecue framed by island wilderness. 

The island has countless hidden bays and isolated beaches for the keen angler searching for the right patch of sand. And families with little ones in tow will find the popular jetties in and around the settlement produce an easy haul.


A thriving fishing destination

A premium bounty

Postcard-worthy backdrops

Secluded bays and beaches

Squid, snapper, and salmon abound

Fishing spots on Wadjemup


For the occasional anglers inspired by the rich waters of the island, the small jetties at Thomson Bay, Stark Bay, and Geordie Bay are ideal easy wins. Hotel Jetty at Thomson Bay is a haven for families who prefer a short walk home after catching their haul — and the schools that circle the barnacle-clad jetty poles are a lightweight catch for little ones using hand lines. The sheltered Geordie Bay jetty attracts herring and other table fish as well, including tailor, whiting, and silver bream.


Proper seclusion and peace can be found on some of the island’s remote beaches. Ricey Beach is one of the places you can cast out and simply enjoy the wait. Wade in knee-deep, breathe in the clear, sea-scented air, and let the gentle lap of waves be the rhythm of your day — until the moment you spring into action and reel in one of the sought-after mulloway found in these waters.    


If you’re journeying to the island on your own boat, then the open waters around Wadjemup become a possibility. The deeper the water, the more impressive the catch — and the best can be found offshore from West End. There’s a bounty of species like western rock lobster, Spanish mackerel, yellowtail kingfish, and breaksea cod. When you’re fishing here, make sure you respect the sanctuary zone that encompasses Radar Reef, Cape Vlamingh, and Cathedral Rocks. From your boat, you’re only permitted to look for pelagic species of fish.


Staying safe when you’re fishing
It’s important to be prepared for changes in the weather and ocean conditions while you’re fishing, and wearing a lifejacket if required. Also, if you have children joining you, ensure they are always supervised.

Local seafood straight from the waves

Whether you stay the night on Rottnest Island or settle in for a picnic with a view, the fresh catch of your day will elevate your dining experience and deepen your appreciation for the land. 

For a taste of island seafood without the patience, there are plenty of restaurants featuring fresh, local seafood on their menu and even boat tours where you can taste the fish minutes after it’s caught. 

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Respecting the marine sanctuaries

As a Class A Reserve, Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is the home of unique wildlife, a place where over 400 species of fish thrive in the warm waters of the Leeuwin Current. The island has five marine sanctuaries dotted around the coastline, protecting this rare tropical sea life from over-fishing and human damage. 

It’s vitally important that visiting anglers never take more than they need, don’t leave anything behind, and respect the boundaries of these sanctuaries. Also, spear fishing, spear guns, and gidgees are prohibited within the island waters, and net fishing isn’t permitted within the marine reserve. When you fish on the island, follow these rules to ensure Rottnest Island will always be a place of abundance for future expeditions. 

Places to avoid


Fishing information
Before arriving for your fishing getaway, find out more about the marine sanctuary zones, boating permits, and recreational fishing rules from the Department of Fisheries.
Geordie Bay jetty
Geordie Bay jetty

Learn the noongar names



Rock lobster

Maambakoort djooraly