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Explore a network of island beaches and bays

The sands of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island hold a story. These coastal landscapes, once connected to the mainland, are part of a deep history that extends into the limestone-ridged reefs and tropical fish populations beneath the waves.

The island's beaches and bays don't exist in isolation, they're part of the network that is Rottnest Island. Native coastal shrubs freckle the sand dunes, offering habitats to local wildlife. The Wadjemup Bidi trails drink in the unique coastal scenes. Marine sanctuaries lay undisturbed, offering an unforgettable gift to passing snorkellers. 

When you spend time on the shores of Rottnest Island, your story becomes part of all of this. It’s only natural to slow down and feel the presence of the experiences that surround you.


Look out for

Wave-like sand dunes

Vast Indian Ocean

Coral and limestone reef

Marine gardens

Unlike anywhere else in the world

Discover your favourite spots for swimming, surfing, and snorkelling.

While some may be drawn to the high energy of popular beaches like Pinky Beach or The Basin, others may look to more secluded bays for a quieter moment. Little Armstrong Bay is one such location; a short stretch of beach, protected on either side by rocky bookends. These calm, shallow waters can captivate you for the day, or ready you for deeper sea snorkelling just a 5-minute bike ride away. 

Geordie Bay and Fay’s Bay are brimming with Australian sea life — stingrays skimming the sand, tropical fish playing in marine gardens, and even octopuses changing textures to match their environment. Each beach has a signature of its own, and you have the opportunity to find your match. 


Learn the Noongar names



Boya-k maambakoort-koorp
Sea coral


Salmon Bay
Salmon Bay

Finding your way to the perfect spot

The beaches and bays of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island are accessible via the roads and trails that connect the whole island. Many locations are connected by the Wadjemup Bidi hiking trail, while others are easily found by cycling the roads and paths. The hop-on-hop-off bus service will take you around the island to West End and back. You can also use an e-bike or explore the guided way with a Segway, snorkelling, or walking tour
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