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Little Armstrong Bay

A gentle cove to relax and reflect

Little Armstrong Bay is one of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island’s quieter bays. Rocky outcrops on both sides of the bay embrace a short stretch of beach, making it feel all the more secluded. These serve to protect the shallow waters from the southerly and easterly winds, making it a calm, relaxing spot for families with young children.

But while the perfect place to relax and unwind, there’s still plenty of adventure to be had. Excellent snorkelling conditions can be found further out into the bay, and the Karlinyah Bidi makes its northwestern pass right by the bay, providing the ideal place to take a break from hiking and enjoy the cooling turquoise water.

Look around and you’ll find

Rocky outcrops surrounding the beach

Snorkel the surrounding coral reefs

Uncover a rainbow of sea life

A key stop on the Karlinyah Bidi

Where to find Little Armstrong Bay


On the northern coast of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, you can get to Little Armstrong Bay by jumping on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer and getting off at Stop 17. Alternatively, hop on a bike and take the 12-minute ride — perfect for drying off after a swim.



Family-friendly snorkelling

You’ll find Little Armstrong Bay in one of Wadjemup’s five marine sanctuary zones, making it a safe haven for marine life. 

With shallower waters, it’s ideal for beginners, with deeper waters further out in the bay welcoming more experienced divers. Diving under the water and swimming out through a maze of seagrass, the natural reef creates a home for an amazing array of colourful and curious fish. And thanks to its protection, you may even come face-to-face with some species of sea life that aren’t found anywhere else along the island’s coastline.
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Little Armstrong Bay, Rottnest Island
Little Armstrong Bay

Frequently asked questions

Due to its secluded nature, Little Armstrong Bay doesn’t feature any facilities. The closest toilets and showers can be found at Geordie Bay, just a seven-minute bike ride away (or a 30-minute walk if you’re not in a hurry).

Little Armstrong Bay is just a quick 12-minute bike ride from the main settlement past Geordie Bay, or Stop 17 on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer bus route.

Little Armstrong Bay is part of the Armstrong Bay Marine Sanctuary Zone, which helps to preserve the exquisite sea life population for generations to come. Shore based fishing is permitted by means of a rod and line or line held in the hand in certain areas which are sign posted. Taking of any marine flora and fauna by all other means here isn’t allowed.