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Fay's Bay

Breathe in the tranquility

A small cove at the northernmost tip of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, what Fay’s Bay lacks in size it makes up for in its beauty. A stretch of soft white sand nestles between high limestone rock outcrops, providing shelter against gusty winds and rougher waters. Wade into the water where the calmer, shallow seabed creates an exceptional family swimming spot. Look further out across the bay, and enjoy stunning blue water that wouldn’t be out of place on any famous tropical island.

Just east of the busier Geordie Bay, Fay’s Bay is a great little spot to get off the beaten track — but still be close to the gentle hum of activity.

Look around and discover...

Glittering blue water

Soft white sand

Bright green seagrass beds

Delightful family snorkelling

Where to find Fay’s Bay

You can get to Fay’s Bay by foot or by bike. Just minutes from Geordie Bay, it’s an easy 30-minute stroll through the centre of the island from Thomson Bay settlement, and less than ten minutes on a bicycle. Or jump aboard the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer and hop off at Stop 19, with a short walk to the bay.


Discover a different world under the waves

Fay’s Bay is home to rich green seagrass beds, which are able to thrive, safe and protected by a shallow limestone reef. The reef is riddled with caves and channels, providing a twisting, turning playground for schools of colourful fish and sea life.

The calmer waters make it ideal for beginner snorkellers.

So bring your towel and picnic blanket, and set up for the day. Wade out into the cool depths, dive under the shimmering surface, and explore the underwater world of Wadjemup.
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Frequently asked questions

There are no facilities located at Fay’s Bay, but the Geordie Bay facilities are just a few minutes’ walk away.
No, there are no accessible facilities at Fay’s Bay.
Yes, fishing is allowed at Fay’s Bay. But be sure to stick to local fishing regulations.