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Parker Point

Discover one of Wadjemup’s favourite underwater escapes

Located at the south-east end of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, the sparkling turquoise waters of Parker Point glitter like the island’s jewels. Ruggedly beautiful, with fine white sand, and featuring the unique Wadjemup daisy flowering in the springtime, it’s what’s underneath the waves that makes it one of the island’s drawcards.

The ocean surrounding Parker Point is protected by a marine sanctuary zone. This means that all animal and plant life is protected — so you can look, but you can’t touch. This helps to keep the unique natural surroundings in a healthy, thriving condition. 

This means that the undersea life has proliferated, and it hosts an incredible array of fish and other creatures making their home among the limestone rocks and striking pink coral. With crystal clear water, it’s a paradise for snorkelling and scuba divers alike.

A popular location for boats, it’s the perfect spot to get away, drop anchor, and relax. Dive off the side, splash around in the cool water, or just set up a towel and enjoy the sun, rugged coastline, and natural surroundings. 

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Stunning scenic views

Seagrass meadows

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A key stop on the Warden Nara Bidi

Where to find Parker Point

Easily accessible by bicycle, Parker Point is a 17-minute bike ride from Thomson Bay settlement. Or simply hop on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer and get off at Stop 5. 

For the more nautically-inclined, you can even get there by boat, as it provides ideal anchorage conditions.


Discover Parker Point snorkelling

When you’re done with walking, dive in for a spot of Parker Point snorkelling. Step onto the beach, shuffle through the sand, and wade into the refreshing waters to begin this underwater adventure.

Here you’ll discover an aquatic playground, with the reef habitat supporting a wide array of marine plants, seagrass, and algae, and you can swim with a variety of fish and sea life, like molluscs and sponges. Featuring Wadjemup’s most extensive coral reef, it’s known for its pretty pink hue, providing a stunning contrast to the limestone rocks. 

You can also explore the Parker Point Snorkel Trail, a series of 12 interpretive plaques carefully installed at the bottom of the seabed. The trail provides information about the abundant flora and curious sea life that you’ll meet on the trail.

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Wadjemup Daisies
Wadjemup Daisies, Parker Point

Frequently asked questions

Parker Point is a key stop on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer (Stop 5), featuring coach parking, and a public toilet facility.
Parker Point includes accessible bathroom facilities, as well as an access ramp to the beach.
No, Parker Point is one of five marine sanctuary zones on Wadjemup and fishing of all types is prohibited.