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Parker Point Snorkel Trail

Get ready to dive into adventure and learn more about Wadjemup

In the southeast corner of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, Parker Point is home to one of the island’s most exciting underwater journeys.

The Parker Point Snorkel Trail allows snorkellers and divers to learn more about the environment surrounding them. Featuring 12 interpretive plaques carefully installed at the bottom of the seabed, the trail provides information about the abundant flora and curious sea life that you’ll meet on the trail.

The plaques are cleverly designed with two handles, one on each side, allowing divers to hang on and read the information, without being nudged away by the tide.

The trail itself follows an underwater limestone ridge, stretching out to the edge of the Parker Point Marine Sanctuary Zone and back.

And it’s not just the plaques that make it a feast for the eyes. With generally calm, clear conditions, you get a superb view of the life hidden under the waves, with a vast array of marine plants and the extensive coral reef guiding your way.

Approximately 800 m long, you should allow for one hour to complete the trail.


Look out for

Nudibranchs (brightly coloured sea slugs)

Distinct trail markers

Pink coral

Schools of curious fish

Where to find the Parker Point Snorkel Trail


Easily accessible by bicycle, Parker Point is a 17-minute bike ride from Thomson Bay settlement. Or simply hop on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer bus and get off at Stop 5.


Conservation in action

Parker Point is home to one of Wadjemup’s most extensive coral reefs. Famous for its Pocillopora or pink coral, it creates a vibrant underwater experience. Seaweed and seagrass cover the ocean floor, creating a home to an abundance of sea creatures.

The Parker Point Snorkel Trail can be found in the Parker Point Marine Sanctuary. This is a specific area carefully mapped out around the Wadjemup coast, designed to help foster the underwater flora and sea life and create an environment in which they thrive.

One of five marine sanctuaries around Wadjemup, animals and plants are protected in the area. This means no fishing of any kind is permitted, and visitors should explore the underwater plant life with care.

Learn more about Marine Sanctuary Zones
Parker Point
Parker Point

Learn the Noongar names


Maambakoort djooraly
Seagrass meadow

Boya-k maambakoort-koop
Sea coral


Frequently asked questions

Parker Point is a key stop on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer (Stop 5), featuring coach parking, and a public toilet facility.
Parker Point includes accessible bathroom facilities, as well as an access ramp to the beach.
No, Parker Point is one of five marine sanctuary zones on Wadjemup and fishing of all types is prohibited.