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Little Salmon Bay Snorkel Trail

A bucket-list snorkelling experience

Little Salmon Bay provides a sheltered spot for families, and snorkelling enthusiasts, to get acquainted with one of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island’s most popular aquatic experiences.

A series of ten buoys mark out information plaques installed on the seabed, which allow divers and snorkellers to learn more about the unique plants and sea life that surround them under the gentle waves. 

Starting and ending on the white sandy beach, the trail winds its way around Little Salmon Bay in a loop, around 700 metres long in total. Bright, colourful, tropical fish dart in and out of seagrass and limestone rocks. Pink-hued coral dots the seabed here and there. There’s a lot to see when you glide along the trail, so despite the calm waters, allow for around an hour to complete the trail.

Keep an eye out for

Schooling tropical fish

Underwater signage

Pink coral

Western Rock Lobster

Where to find the Little Salmon Bay Snorkel Trail


Located on the south side of the island, Little Salmon Bay is over five kilometres away from the main settlement. It’s a bit long to walk, but makes for a nice 25-minute bike ride. Alternatively, you can take the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer bus and get off at Stop 6.



Creating a future for Wadjemup flora and fauna

The Little Salmon Bay Snorkel Trail is part of the Parker Point Marine Sanctuary. One of five Marine Sanctuary Zones located at different points on Wadjemup’s coast, these are specific areas of the island set aside for conservation. All plant and animal life within this area is protected, which means that no collection of flowers or plant life, or fishing of any kind, is permitted.

These Sanctuary Zones have been put in place to build a thriving underwater ecosystem, and foster a healthy, sustainable undersea environment for generations to come. And it’s already working. Under the waves, you’ll find a diversity of fish and sea life among one of Wadjemup’s most extensive coral reef systems.

So duck beneath the waves, enjoy the calming tides, and do your part to ensure the future of Wadjemup’s natural beauty.

Little Salmon Bay
Little Salmon Bay

Learn the Noongar names


Maambakoort djooraly
Seagrass meadow

Boya-k maambakoort-koop
Sea coral


Frequently asked questions

There are no facilities at Little Salmon Bay. But don’t worry, the Parker Point facilities are an easy five-minute walk away — or one minute on the bike.
Little Salmon Bay is part of the Parker Point Marine Sanctuary Zone, so no fishing is permitted.
Little Salmon Bay is an easy bike ride  from Thomson Bay settlement, just a few kilometres. Alternatively, get off at Stop 6 on the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer bus.