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Rottnest Island

Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim 

Kicking off Saturday, 21 February 2015

From humble beginnings, the Rottnest Channel Swim is one of Western Australia’s iconic annual events.

First conducted in 1991, the swim now engages the Western Australian public and ocean swimmers worldwide.

Visit the Rottnest Island Channel Swim Association website.

Rottnest Channel Swim is...

  • set off at day break from Cottesloe beach across the 19.7kms channel to the Island
  • the largest open water race of its kind attracting around two and a half thousand swimmers!
  • open to everyone aged 14 and older, allowing competitors to swim as individuals, duos or in teams of four

Visitor Information

Ferry Travel

Extra ferry services will be put on throughout the day by Rottnest Express (ex. Fremantle) and Rottnest Fast Ferries (ex. Hillary's Boat Harbour).

There is limited accommodation available at the Kingstown Barracks.
To book, please call Rottnest Island Reservations on 9432 9111.

If you do not have accommodation please ensure you have organised a return journey to the mainland on the day of the event.

It is against the Rottnest Island Authority Regulations to remain on the Island without designated accommodation – unfortunately fines do apply!


  • Be safe
  • Be friendly and courteous
  • Plan ahead
  • Respect and look after your Island
  • Follow directions given by Rottnest Island Rangers - they are there to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit.

Admission Fees

Admission Fee useAll paddlers, skippers, spectators and support crew must pay their Admission Fees. 
Everyone entering the Rottnest Island Reserve, including the marine reserve, is required to pay an admission fee as a contribution to the conservation of the island and the provision and upkeep of facilities. Visitors arriving by ferry pay this fee as part of their fare. Private vessel owners are required to pay an individual admission fee for each Island visit, or purchase an annual vessel admission sticker.

Your Admission Fees Power Rottnest!!

  • Desalination
  • Waste water treatment
  • Waste Management
  • Wind turbine maintenance
  • Hybrid facilities within reserve

 Individual Admission Fees (as of 1 July 2014)

Adult  Day Visitor $17.00
Child (4 - 12 yrs) Day Visitor  $6.00
Family Group* Day Visitor $39.50
Adult Extended Stay (Over Night) $22.00
Child (4 - 12 yrs) Extended Stay (Over Night) $7.50
Family Group* Extended Stay (Over Night) $49.50
* A family group is two adults and two children.
* Child rates apply for children aged four to twelve years inclusive. Children under four are free.

Swimmer Information

All swimmers must be registered with the Rottnest Island Channel Swim Association. Registrations have now closed.

All registrants will receive information packs prior to the big day. The Rottnest Island admission fee is waived for all swimmers participating in the Rottnest Island Channel Swim event.

Please note, this year the Rottnest Channel Swim will be hosting a new channel for swimmers!

To view the new channel for swimmers and supporting boats, click here.
View the new Channel Swim 2015 finish line.

Mooring Information

Please take the time to review the information below before arriving at Rottnest Island for the Channel Swim event. The Island is at maximum capacity during this event and fees will apply for incorrect mooring use.

Tenders and additional vessels

  • When using moorings maximum tender or additional vessel size is 6.75 metres
  • Where possible raft your tender alongside the mother ship when using moorings to avoid collisions

Fuel supplies

  • Due to the relocation of the finish line there will be NO fuel available from 10.00AM to 5.00PM.
  • Fuel (unleaded and diesel)will be available after 6.00PM.
  • Only Master, Visa and debit cards are acceptable at the self service facility.

    Due to damage to the face of the Fuel Jetty (Eastern side facing the ocean) this area is closed to all vessels until further notice.  Any vessels wanting fuel or water need to use the southern end  of the jetty or the inside berth next to Pen001.

For further information please contact the Rangers on 9372 9788

Use of moorings

  • You must be an Authorised user or Licensee to use a mooring within the reserve
  • Fines apply for incorrect mooring use

View the 2015 Channel Swim route for support boats arriving in Thomson Bay.

A moorings map of the 2015 Channel Swim exclusion zone will be published soon.

 Incorrect mooring stickerDo not raft up boats