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Stay Rottnest Hostel & Dorms

Stay Rottnest Hostel & Dorms offers rooms to rest for the night and a relaxed experience of Rottnest Island.

The hostel and dormitories are an affordable way to get the most out of your stay on the island. Private family rooms and shared options available. 

Located in the historic Kingstown Barracks, Stay Rottnest Hostel & Dorms is a place to rest and meet like-minded travellers. Accommodation options range from private family rooms for larger groups to share, to communal dormitories that provide the full hostel experience.

This affordable accommodation attracts the adventurous at heart, so be sure to visit the shared spaces to swap stories with your fellow island wanderers.

For more information or to make a booking at the hostel, visit the Stay Rottnest website.

To make a group booking in the dormitories, please call Stay Rottnest on (+61) 1800 111 111. 
Please read the following terms and conditions prior to making a booking at Stay Rottnest Hostel & Dorms:

  • Alcohol is not permitted within the dormitories, hostel or grounds of Kingstown Barracks
  • Alcohol will not be delivered to Kingstown Barracks by the luggage crew
  • As a condition of booking accommodation, the Primary Guest and/or Keyholder must be 18 years of age or older and must stay overnight in the accommodation through the term of the booking. 
  • Any breach of the booking conditions will result in cancellation of the accommodation license without refund.
  • Unaccompanied minors may be issued with caution notes or infringements for non-compliance with the Rottnest Island Regulations 1988 or their accommodation booking conditions. This will result in the cancellation of their accommodation booking, and they will be made to return to the mainland on the next available ferry.
  • For the enjoyment of all visitors, anti-social behaviour is not tolerated, and appropriate actions will be taken to address any incidents. 
  • When you arrive, the registered guest must go to the Visitor Centre with photo ID and physical credit card for check-in. 
  • For Stay Rottnest Hostel & Dorms accommodation, luggage must be out for collection by 9 am for ferries departing at 10 am or later. For ferries departing before 10 am, luggage must be out for collection by 7 am and must be pre-booked by notifying the Visitor Centre 24 hours before departure.
  • Balloons are not permitted in Stay Rottnest accommodation or anywhere on Rottnest Island due to the risk of harm they can cause to the unique flora and fauna within the Class A Reserve, including the marine sanctuaries surrounding the island.
  • To ensure the safety of visitors, and to preserve the buildings and public amenity of the island, the use of chalk is discouraged, including on roads, pathways and buildings.
  • Due the risks posed to the structure of the units and to ensure visitor safety, the use of hammocks is not permitted in Stay Rottnest accommodation or on the verandas.

Current Offers

Pedal & Flipper Hire
Pedal & Flipper Hire Discount with each Stay Rottnest Booking
Guests at Stay Rottnest can enjoy 10% off bike hire at Pedal & Flipper. Conditions apply.

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Find your perfect home away from home

Bunk down in these shared rooms and relax into the island lifestyle. Here, you can thaw out after a crisp surf, cool down after a day of cycling and engage in the community feel of the hostel.
The hostel features 50 comfortable beds with linens provided, plus shared kitchen and lounge spaces for preparing meals and relaxing. There is additional outside seating for those using the kitchen and barbecue areas. Communal washroom facilities are also available, with towels included. 
Solo travellers can rest in a single bunk bed (shared room), while the family rooms sleep up to four adults (one double bed and one bunk bed per room).
  • Kingstown Barracks
  • Sleeps 1-50
  • Budget friendly option
This much-loved school camp destination provides a comfortable base for groups. Staying at Kingstown Barracks is a chance to stay amongst history, with its heritage clock tower and salvaged WWII gun barrel. As you move beyond the dorms, the learning can continue around the island. 

There are 17 dormitory rooms available with bed configurations ranging from 2-bed to 18-bed rooms. There is also a communal bathroom. Select rooms have private bathroom facilities and are wheelchair accessible.

A pillow and blanket is provided per bed, with linens and towels available for hire. Please note that there are no kitchen facilities available for the dormitories.
  • Kingstown Barracks
  • Sleeps 2-18 guests
  • Budget friendly option

Frequently Asked Questions

Stay Rottnest accommodation is available to book online via or via phone on (+61) 1800 111 111 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm, excluding public holidays). Bookings can be made up to nine months in advance of your stay.  

Booking online

Booking online is the quickest and easiest way to secure Stay Rottnest accommodation and receive instant confirmation.

Special requests and notes are also able to be placed in the booking.

Availability for bookings opens on the first working Wednesday of each calendar month, for accommodation nine months in advance.

While you can book by calling Stay Rottnest on (+61) 1800 111 111, online is the simplest and most successful way to book accommodation. As demand for bookings is high, a virtual queuing system is used to ensure a smooth experience for everyone on busy Open Days.  

Booking for Accessibility

If you need wheelchair accessible accommodation, please send your request after 8:30 am to [email protected] and don’t forget to attach a copy of your ACROD Card (front and back). These requests are processed in the order they’re received from 8:30 am onwards on Open Day, so hold your email until then. Limit of one booking per ACROD Card.

For more information, visit

Open Days are held on the first Wednesday of each month, to release availability for the next booking period, nine months in advance.

Visit the Stay Rottnest website to see all current scheduled Open Day dates.

The prices of Stay Rottnest accommodation vary based on the type of accommodation chosen, the time of year and availability. To check prices for available accommodation, select your preferred dates, location and accommodation type online here.

The hostel offers accommodation in a family room (double bed and bunk bed) or a single bed in a shared bunk room. Guests at the hostel have access to communal kitchen and barbecue areas as well as shared bathroom facilities. 

The dormitory offers shared rooms for groups or schools, varying between two and 18-bed layouts. Some rooms have a private bathroom and wheelchair access, and all guests can access the shared bathroom facilities.  

Yes, however cancellations and modifications may incur a cancellation fee.

Further details on how to cancel or alter your booking, and applicable fees, can be found in the Booking Terms & Conditions here (PDF).

Bookings made prior to 4 January 2023 will continue to be transferable, as per the conditions that applied at the time of booking. All new bookings from 4 January 2023, the original guest will remain as the owner of the booking; however, they may nominate another person as authorised to check in to the accommodation on their behalf. As the original guest remains the owner of the booking, they will be liable for any costs related to accommodation for the duration of the booking. 

View the full Booking Terms & Conditions here (PDF).

You can find maps of all accommodation types on the Stay Rottnest website here.

The inclusions vary by accommodation. You can see what is included for each type at

Check-in is from 2 pm. You can leave your mobile number at the Visitor Centre, who will text you if your accommodation is ready early.

The check-out time is 9 am.

In hostel rooms, bed linens and towels are provided with your booking.

In the dormitories, a pillow and blanket is provided, however guests need to hire linen and towels prior to arrival or bring their own.

Kingstown Barracks is a 25-minute walk or 10-minute cycle from the Visitor Centre. Alternatively, guests can take the Quokka Coaches accommodation shuttle bus.

For Stay Rottnest Hostel & Dorms accommodation, luggage must be out for collection by 9 am and for ferries departing at 10 am or later. For ferries departing before 10 am, luggage must be out for collection by 7 am and must be pre-booked by notifying the Visitor Centre 24 hours before departure.

If ferries are cancelled for the day of your departure, guests of Stay Rottnest accommodation will be contacted by reservations and given the option to:

  • Leave the day prior and receive a refund for your unused night of accommodation, or
  • If your accommodation is available for an extra day, you will be invited to stay for 50% of the rack rate.

If you do not wish to leave early, and your accommodation is not available for an extra night, nor is any alternate Stay Rottnest accommodation available, you will need to contact the other accommodation providers on the island to enquire if they have availabilities.

How to check in once you arrive

Once you arrive on the island, make your way to the Visitor Centre to check in.

Photo ID is required for registration by the person who made the booking.