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Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference

Ecotourism – Navigating for Success is the theme for Global Eco in 2015. The theme focuses fairly and squarely on issues that deliver success for business, communities and conservation. Navigating for success opens the way for us to explore policy and planning, investment and development, quality and consumer trends, marketing and distribution. The  conference takes an up-close look at managing island destinations 17-19 November. 

Sustainable management of energy, waste and waer is an issue for all islands. Add to that opportunities for alternative energy - wind, wave and solar; tourism moorings; supply chain issues; and most importantly, conservation of natural and cultural resources. Rottnest Island offers the luxury of being a live case study of ecotourism and a unique conference venue in one. Delegates will go back of house to see sustainability initiatives first hand.

This conference will take place at Hotel Rottnest and other locations around Rottnest Island:
17 November          8:30am – 5:00pm
18 -19 November    9:00am – 5:00pm

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