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Celebrate the Wonder of Nature

It's time to welcome a new brood of quokka Joeys on Wadjemup

This September, celebrate the wonder of nature and new life on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island with a program of workshops, activities and festivities for the whole family.  

The Noongar season of Djilba is known as first spring on the island, a transitional time where the weather is warming up and wildlife thrive on an abundance of seeds and berries. Following the winter months, the island landscape comes to life; trees begin to flower, birds roam the skies and quokka joeys peek out from their mother’s pouches.   



A quick note
While every intent is for events to go ahead as planned, in some circumstances they may have to change due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

An important reminder

As exciting as it is to see a quokka and their joeys in the wild, please always admire from a respectful distance and never feed or touch them for your own personal safety and the welfare of the animals. Touching quokkas (or any animal) can make them sick, spread disease, and even cause mothers to abandon their young if they carry an unfamiliar scent. 

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