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Protect Our Wildlife

We all play a role in ensuring that the plants and animals on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island are protected.
Wadjemup Daisies
Wadjemup Daisies

Protect Our Local Wildlife

Respect the flora and fauna

Rottnest Island is a Class A Reserve, meaning that all the plants and animals are protected.  

When you experience the island by footbike or bus there are ways you can respect the land and its unique natural environment. Please don’t touch or feed the wildlife, leave the island’s flora where you found it, and contact the rangers prior to arrival should you need to bring a guide, assistance, or companion animal for medical reasons. 

Do not feed the wildlife

It is important to let all animals on the island forage for their own food and water. Feeding wildlife can cause illness and lead to aggressive behaviour, and it’s important they don’t learn to rely on humans. 

Do not touch the wildlife

For their safety and yours, don’t touch any of the animals on the island. While quokkas are certainly curious, touching and petting them is not permitted. Touching quokkas (or any animal) can make them sick, spread disease, and even cause mothers to abandon their young if they carry an unfamiliar scent. 

If you accidentally come into contact with an animal, wash the area of contact with soap and water as soon as possible to minimise the risk of infection.

Dispose of your rubbish

Putting your rubbish and food scraps in the bin is important to keep the island beautiful and the wildlife safe. Island animals can become aggressive or sick from eating human food or ingesting plastics and other harmful materials.

Ride your bikes with care

To avoid accidents with quokkas, and other wildlife such as lizards, please take care while riding and keep your eyes on the road. Stick to the paths and roads to protect the native flora and fauna. If you see a sick or injured animal or animals being mistreated, please report it immediately to the Rottnest Island rangers on (+61 8) 9372 9788.

A note from Rottnest Island Authority

Remember, anyone who deliberately interferes with (including feeding) wildlife on Rottnest Island will be fined on the spot under the Rottnest Island Island Regulations 1988 and potentially prosecuted under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950 with fines up to $10,000. Acts of animal cruelty may result in fines up to $50,000 and 5 years imprisonment under the Animal Welfare Act 2002. 

Become a quokka conservation hero

You can show your support for Rottnest Island’s famous furry inhabitants by purchasing one of Rottnest Foundation’s adoption kits that fund conservation initiatives on the island.​

Your kit comes with a cuddly, life-sized soft quokka toy, tote bag, quokka fact sheet and an official adoption certificate. 

Learn more about the Adopt-a-Quokka Kits
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