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Terms and Conditions

All applicants will be subject to the terms of Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) and the booking conditions of the Rottnest Island Authority.

All applications are records of the Rottnest Island Authority. RIA is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA), which provides a general right of access to records held by the State Government agencies and local governments.

Any modification, amendment or other variation of the assessed application will be made in writing to applicants. Variations may include changes to the program, purpose, the timeframe of delivery, or the subsidy amount.

Stay Rottnest Accommodation Booking Conditions

Maximum stay of three consecutive nights;

Sunday to Thursday nights inclusive;

Kingstown Dormitories, Hostel and Governor Circle only, and,

Stay period of Monday 15 July 2024 to Thursday 19 September 2024 inclusive.

Stay Rottnest Accommodation Payment Terms

  • For bookings made greater than 90 days from arrival: no payment required at the time of booking.
  • A $500 security deposit is required three months prior to arrival and applies to all group bookings made. This deposit is refundable for schools on the 100% off program after departure.
  • For schools on the 75% off program, full payment plus the $500 security deposit is due three months prior to arrival. The security deposit is refundable after the group have departed.

Stay Rottnest Accommodation Cancellation / Change Fees

If a school changes or cancels a group booking within 90 days of arrival and:

  • more than 48 hours prior to 2 pm check-in time: $55 fixed charge will be retained for each booking (each Dorm / House).
  • less than 48 hours prior to 2 pm check-in time: full payment / security deposit retained, whichever is the lesser amount.

The RIA reserves the right to retain some or all of the security deposit for damages, cancellation fees or any other applicable accommodation costs.

Occupancy limits: A maximum of one person per bed for Governor Circle and Kingstown Barracks accommodation.

Adult / student ratio: a ratio of one adult per house is required for school bookings at Governor Circle, and one adult per 10 students is required for school bookings at Kingstown Barracks.

Quiet times: all visitors are required to respect the rights of others to enjoy the island at all times and to observe a quiet time of 9 pm to 9 am for Kingstown Barracks and Governor Circle.

Any breach of the applicable booking and stay terms and conditions by any individual of the group may result in immediate cancellation of tenancy without refund. This includes additional terms and conditions provided by email and those located on the reverse of the registration card which must be signed on check-in.

Please note that linen is not provided within the cost of accommodation and can be hired on a per person basis, or guests are welcome to bring their own. Linen costs can be found on the Stay Rottnest website here.

Where bulk luggage delivery is required, schools must contact the ferry company to book and pay for dedicated crates. Note that supporting ferry providers are offering discounts on luggage crates.

Pedal & Flipper Hire Booking Conditions

To qualify for an Overnight School Camp Subsidy, the school must have a confirmed overnight accommodation booking in Kingstown Dorms, Hostel or Governor Circle which matches the dates of hire equipment.

The subsidy applies for standard pedal bikes (adult and child sizes) and accessible fleet only.

Accessories other than helmets and locks will incur additional fees (example: baskets, gel seats etc). A full list of hire items and costs can be found here.

Payment Terms

A $500 security deposit is required for all school group bike bookings.

RIA reserves the right to retain some or all of the security deposit for damage to bikes as assessed at the time:

  • $50 for skidded tyre (through to the canvas)
  • $25 for lost lock and / or key
  • $25 for a lost helmet
  • Up to $200 depending on level of damage for accessible trailers.

Cancellation / change fees: there are no fees to change or cancel a bike hire booking for school groups up until the day of hire collection.

Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association Educational Tours Booking Conditions

Tours must be booked a minimum of six weeks prior to arrival on the island.

All tours are subject to guide availability.

The subsidy is valid for tours in Term 3 of the WA school term in 2024, which is Monday 15 July 2024 to Friday 20 September 2024.

A choice of one educational tour:

  • Behind the Scenes (Tour by Bicycle) – a 90-minute guided bike ride across the island to develop an understanding of the sustainability systems of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island
  • Pioneers and Prisoners – a 50-minute guided walking tour in the settlement of stories of Wadjemup in the 1800s.
  • Reefs, Wrecks and Daring Sailors – a 50-minute guided walking tour in the settlement to discover the coastline-forming events and the exploration of early European vessels.
  • Bickley Battery Walk – a 50-minute guided walking tour of coastal views in Kingstown, including the military watchtower and stories from where they stand.
  • Wadjemup Museum – located behind the bakery in the settlement, experience a 30-minute guided tour through mixed media displays that tell the rich history of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island.

Number of participants - the maximum number of participants for each group is 25. Additional bookings for the same tour can be made if the school group is larger than 25.

Duty of care - the school is responsible for all duty of care in respect of persons attending those tours.

Adult / student ratio - schools must ensure every 10 students are accompanied by a responsible adult (based on Year 3 and up; a ratio of 1:5 applies for younger groups). The students are to always remain with the responsible adult whilst on a tour.

Responsible adult - schools must ensure responsible adults in charge of a minor are aware that they are responsible for ensuring the minor is bound by, and complies with, these terms and conditions.

Indemnity - the school shall indemnify Rottnest Island Authority for any loss, damage, and liability (including claims) incurred by it on account of any breach of these conditions, or any other wrongful act or omission, by any participant or responsible adult.

No liability - Rottnest Island Authority accepts no liability (in negligence or howsoever) for any loss, damage, or injury (including death) arising from a tour or any of the sites visited.

Fitness - on some of the tours (particularly in the heritage buildings) there may be uneven surfaces and stairs which require a reasonable level of fitness and mobility.

No food / drinks in heritage locations - food and drink cannot be taken into or consumed at any heritage venues.

No smoking and no alcohol - smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited on all tours.

Refuse entry - Rottnest Island Authority reserves the right to refuse entry to any person to any location on the Island in its absolute discretion and is not required to give a reason for refusing entry but advises that refusal will generally be for health or safety reasons or if a person is disruptive, unruly or does not follow instructions.

Emergency - in the case of an emergency, all tour participants must follow the instructions of Rottnest Island Authority staff or representatives (including volunteer guides).

Behave lawfully - all tour participants must not, whilst at, or in relation to their visit to or stay at the island, infringe any rule or requirement of any statute, subsidiary legislation, the common law or equity.

Safety briefing - people attending the tours will be provided with a safety briefing at the beginning of a tour.

Tours operated by the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association (RVGA) - the tours are operated by volunteers. All volunteers have current Working with Children checks.