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Kuld Creamery

Enjoy sensational ice cream with a serious flavour twist at The Basin this summer.

Handcrafted in the heart of Fremantle, every ripple, crunch, and gooey swirl is guaranteed to leave your taste buds coming back for more.  

At Kuld Creamery, delicious ice cream starts with a great base. Begin with top quality fresh milk, cream and eggs, locally-sourced in Western Australia, then add exotic ingredients and create unexpected flavours you’ve likely never tried. 

Everything is made from scratch - from vegan and dairy ice cream bases, to cakes, cookie chunks, and freshly made waffle cones - so you know your summer treat has been crafted with care.  

At this pop-up on The Basin’s iconic shores, you’ll find exclusive flavours, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, brownies, cold drinks and warm beach vibes.  Plus a special Rottnest Island scoop: Quokka Traxx. Created with homemade peanut butter cups, fudge swirl and vanilla bean ice cream, it's an island take on the famous North American ice cream known as Moose Tracks.


10 am – 5 pm


10 am – 5 pm


10 am – 5 pm


10 am – 5 pm


10 am – 5 pm


10 am – 5 pm


10 am – 5 pm

Opening hours may vary

Where to find Kuld Creamery

The Kuld Creamery pop-up is located at The Basin, accessible by foot and by bike from the Thomson Bay settlement.