By Boat

Taking your own boat is the perfect opportunity to experience the island’s many coastal activities at your own pace. Western Australia has the highest per capita boat ownership in Australia and Rottnest Island is a destination favourite. Regulations and guidelines are in place to preserve Rottnest's unique environment and to ensure the safety of those enjoying the Island and its waters.

The Rottnest Island Authority manages all moorings and jetty pens on the Island. There are two systems in place to manage these:

  1. The first system involves a rental system for moorings and jetty pens which is administered by the Marine and Boating section at the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre. Phone: (08) 9372 9730.    
  2. The second system involves a licensed mooring system, which is administered by the Moorings Officer, email Marine Administration or phone: (08) 9432 9320.

Please remember that all visitors to Rottnest Island are required to pay an admission fee.

All the boating and mooring information you need for taking your own boat to Rottnest Island can be found in the boating section of the website.