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Experience connection, growth and fresh perspectives with unique corporate events.
Pinky Beach
Pinky Beach

Explore via trail, road, or path

Wadjemup is predominantly car-free. In their absence, visitors take the local bus, ride bicycles, or simply walk around the island. This kind of unique, car-free experience is rare in the modern world, and why so many people are drawn to Rottnest Island year after year.


This is where you can enter a completely different frame of mind; exhale and find joy in the new experiences offered to you and those you journey with.



Create memories and gain understanding

When corporate groups come to Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, they may be searching for connection, new learnings, or even a break from the world of work. The wide variety of experiences on the island provide opportunities to explore all of your aims and will surely lead to some surprising discoveries.

Corporate experiences for every season

Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is a destination for any time of the year, with a Mediterranean climate.

During the summer (December to February), Wadjemup’s temperature hovers around the mid to high 20s (°C). The island is a welcome retreat from the often-higher temperatures of Perth city and the clear, turquoise bays provide ideal swimming and snorkelling spots. 

In the cooler months, the island is a few degrees warmer than Perth, the average being a pleasant 19°C. The water even stays warm, with the Leeuwin Current flowing along the Western Australian coastline and making for refreshing winter swims. 

Spending time on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island during the winter months involves surfing, exploring meaningful historic sites, and walking amongst the natural world teeming with wildlife.

Spots to recharge and indulge

Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is a self-sufficient place where you can detach from the mainland world for as long as you like, while still enjoying all the food and dining options you desire. There are group rates available and, with so much choice, you’ll find an eatery that suits your needs, whether you’re treating your team to a formal meal at an oceanside restaurant or organising sustenance to refuel after an outdoor team-building activity.

You can discuss group catering with each venue. There are options to dine-in or even have the catering delivered to other locations around the island.


Tours and activities to relax and invigorate

When your corporate group comes to Wadjemup, it’s an opportunity to engage in unique and exciting activities and leave all the stress of work behind. Even if you’re visiting for a work conference, the wealth of outdoor experiences will be calling. Most tour operators can accommodate large group numbers with multiple tours per day – discuss the group booking options with each operator.

Download the Corporate Groups Guide for more information about group rates and tour sizes. 


RVGA Walking Tour
Walking tours

Two Feet & a Heartbeat

Two Feet & a Heartbeat are a destination management company, providing bespoke destination experiences for your VIP, corporate, incentive and conference clients. 

With local knowledge, established community connections and flair to think outside the box, Two Feet & a Heartbeat can put together a specialised program of local activities to create unforgettable experiences for groups of any size.

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