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Bickley Battery

Securing Western Australia’s coastline

Bickley Battery is one of two naval gun emplacements installed on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island as part of Western Australia’s coastal defence system in World War II.

Installed on the island in 1938, the two 6-inch Mark XI naval guns were designed to protect Fremantle from approaching enemy ships. Luckily, no enemy vessels ventured this far south, and the guns were never fired in battle. Despite this, they remained in operation until 1968, when they were decommissioned and dismantled.

And while the guns are long since removed, the emplacement itself is still around to explore.

The Bickley Battery Heritage Trail invites you to walk back in time and discover the remains of the gun battery.

There are three distinct sections of the trail to wander along.

Bickley Battery Loop

This 1 km / 30-minute walk explores the gun emplacements, showing you where the guns were installed and sighted.

Bickley Heritage Loop

A 1.8 km / 60-minute walk that takes in the whole battery area, including the magazines that stored the ammunition, and even the army cricket pitch.

Bickley Battery and Jubilee Hill

Explore further afield on this 2.5 km / 90-minute walk, and learn more about the battery and other army installations that supported it. 

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Views across Bickley Bay

Where to find Bickley Battery

Bickley Battery is easy to get to, just a short journey away from the main settlement. You can take the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer and hop off at Stop 2, jump on your bike and make the 7-minute ride, or stretch your legs on a relaxed 25-minute walk.


Where are the guns now?

While the guns themselves were removed, the battery still remains for visitors to explore.
But what happened to the guns?

Decommissioned and dismantled, they’re no longer in use — but one of them is still on the island. Head to the Kingstown Barracks, and you’ll find it installed out the front as a reminder of the island’s military history, providing a true feeling for the sheer size and scale of what these defences brought to the island.

The other gun can be found on the mainland at the Leighton Battery on Buckland Hill, Mosman Park, almost directly opposite Bickley Point across the waves.
Bickley Battery
Bickley Battery

Frequently asked questions

The closest facilities to Bickley Battery are at Army Groyne, near the Kingstown Barracks.
You’ll find a parent’s room, toilet facilities, BBQs, and even a nearby tennis court.
The easiest way to get to Bickley Battery is by bus, or just a 7-minute bike ride from the main settlement.
The Bickley Battery Heritage Trail is designed to cater for a range of abilities.